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October 2011

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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No Pots? No Problem!

Forrest Jameco Puzzler By Forrest M. Mims

The year is 2021 and the Federal Panel of Obsolete Technology (POT) has banned the manufacture, sale and use of manually adjustable (analog) potentiometers, trimmers and the like. Only digitally-programmable potentiometer technology can be manufactured and used. Consultant Leo Smith is an analog old timer with a thriving business designing work-arounds for circuits that would work much better if "old-fashioned" analog components banned by the POT were still available. How did Leo design a rotary-style, continuous (no steps) volume control for a children's portable radio without breaking the law?

Do you know what Forrest's futuristic formula is?
DIY Hack

Bluetooth Headset Hack: DIY Streaming Audio

Here's a practical hack that streams audio from your computer into your stereo system without any messy wiring. In this Intsructables hack, we find out how much more your Bluetooth headset can do.

Learn how to build your own streaming audio system.
What is it

We're Stumped!

There are always surprises in this business and we need your help. The "thing" pictured above arrived one day and we don't have a clue as to what it is!

HELP us identify this product.
Football Line

How It Works: Football's Magical Yellow Line

By Robert Cong

Football is back in action. Beyond the rivalries, the fanatics and the tailgating, there's some pretty amazing technology. We count on that yellow line to tell us where the first down is, and in fact, it's hard to imagine how people ever watched football without it. How's it done and what's the technology that paints the yellow line on our screens? It's not nearly as simple as it looks. We explain the technology and hopefully will heighten your appreciation at the same time.

How the heck do they get that yellow line in there?

Listen and Learn

By Greg Harris

Listen and Learn Last month's newsletter hadn't been out more than an hour when a reader replied, "I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to get a haircut before going home. Is that ok?" I quickly replied and told him that "Jameco is pro-haircut" and it was fine with us.

Not long after, I had to place an order with a company that was supposedly an expert in e-commerce. The system frustrated me and I wasn't able to place my order. I call to ask for help but everyone that could help was apparently on vacation, so I asked for the president’s voicemail. The person on the other end of the phone actually laughed at me... at which point I lost it.

What's amazing is what happened next... read more.

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Greg Harris
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
Western Design Center

Western Design Center

WDC specializes in making old technology new again. Who says the DIP through-hole package is dead? Western Design Center manufactures the microprocessors you grew up with and their sales suggest that there is nothing old about these chips. Since 1975 the full-featured 6502 chip has not changed much but it has changed the world.

Find out more about the chips that made it in the Apple I/II, Nintendo and much more.
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