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September 2013

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Snack Bot

Control Any Device with Electric Imp

Electric Imp makes it easy to use internet connectivity to control just about any hardware device. You might want to feed your cat while on vacation or unlock your front door while at work. Budweiser is using this same technology to ring sirens in town bars each time the local hockey team scores a goal. Here you can hack a Brookstone SnackMan to create a smartphone-controlled candy dispenser.

Hack your own snack dispenser and control it anywhere from your phone.

How Are We Doing?

Survey The Jameco newsletter has been published every month since late 2008. While the content quality may vary, it's clear that the newsletter has grown in popularity over the years. But not all the data tells us what we really need to know. We have questions that ONLY YOU can answer.

Tell us what we need to know in this 3 minute survey.
Vein Finder

My First DIY Project

Do you remember your first electronics project? Jameco summer intern Alex Moutoux had never built an electronics project before and so his supportive colleagues at Jameco decided to throw him in the deep end and then entertain themselves by standing around and watching him struggle.

Alex takes on the new Vein Finder project and nearly pops a vein trying to complete it.

His electronics journey starts right here.
Component Buying

Component Buying: Asian Style

Have you seen electronic components for sale on eBay at ridiculously cheap prices, low shipping costs and wondered if you should buy them? Jameco has been sourcing components for over 39 years now and we wondered the same thing. So we made a few purchases of our own and talked to a few customers who told us...

Everything you need to know about buying directly from Asia.

If You Can Find It, You Can Build It

Bob Bell remembered an article in a 1974 Radio Electronics Magazine, telling readers to "Build the Mark-8, your personal minicomputer." He knew the original was in the Smithsonian and there were only a few operational systems left in the world. For over thirty years he had tinkered with other computer kits, but now here it was – a "bare-bones" Mark-8 kit available on an Ebay auction! Bob bought the kit, replaced a few missing parts from Jameco, and thoroughly documented each step in his successful build.

Flashback 40 years!
Amar Bose

Jameco Salutes Amar Bose (1929-2013)

As a young professor at MIT in 1956, Amar Bose purchased a high-end stereo system to play his classical music. When he turned it on he was utterly disappointed. The sound quality was not even close to live music, but the seed of inspiration was planted. He would develop stereo systems that produced concert hall quality sound and go on to re-write the book on psychoacoustics, the study of how sound is perceived. The founder of the billion dollar Bose Corporation "would have been fired a hundred times at a company run by MBAs."

Here's how the late Amar Bose did it his way.

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]