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September 2014

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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My Story: The Secret to Successful Troubleshooting

How many engineers does it take to figure out what's wrong with a transmitter? Jameco customer Archie Stulc answered that question when he worked as a radio engineer. Although he asked many other experts for help, not one could identify what was causing a transmitter failure. Archie decided to start using his eyes, nose and ears to find a solution.

A "cautionary tale from hell" and what he learned.

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Send your electronic component story, project or challenge to [email protected]
Gas Puzzler

Jameco Puzzler: How Can You Measure the Most Important Greenhouse Gas?

By Forrest M. Mims III

From science to politics, climate change continues to be a hot topic in the news. We don't have the answer to increasing temperatures, but we do know that if you removed all the water vapor from the atmosphere it would make our planet considerably cooler. That makes us wonder... how much water vapor is there in the sky?

What electronics instrument would you use to measure water vapor?

RadioJameco Memories: Grab Bag to the Rescue!

Jameco customer Dan Herrington searched high and low to get the perfect birthday gift for his wife, only to discover it didn't work as he was gift wrapping it. After attempting a repair and making some calls, Dan gave up salvaging the perfect gift... until he walked to his mailbox.

Find out how a Jameco surprise grab bag saved the day.

A Race Against the Clock

Hundreds of thousands of people pour into Hollywood every year with the hopes of being "discovered." When a producer from a popular TV game show recently contacted Jameco for help we just couldn't say no. Tight deadlines, broken bits and a race against the clock was what it took to make it to Tinseltown...

Then again, maybe not.

Product Update: Identifying Capacitors

Capacitors are used in just about every electronics project, regardless of size or scope. There are several different types of "caps," but which is the best for your application?

Bookmark this handy capacitor reference page to figure out which capacitor type to use.