Jameco Electronics Conducts Electronic Hobbyist Study

The Great American Electronics Hobbyist Census

Belmont, California Jameco Electronics conducted a comprehensive study of electronics hobbyists, The Great American Electronics Hobbyists Census, aimed to better understand the dynamics of electronics as a hobby and its contributions to American society.

Over 1700 electronics hobbyists from around the United States participated in the study that covers topics ranging from the component most revered to the fact that 77% of participants report having blown something up while participating in the hobby.

"This study was packed with surprises about the hobbyist segment of our population. For example while almost one-fifth of graduating engineers are women, less than 3% of electronics hobbyists are female. At the same time two-thirds of electronics hobbyists have taken the time to teach their hobby to someone else," said Greg Harris, Jameco Vice President of Marketing.

Study participants also commented on aspects such as their first electronics experience, how project time is divided and the number of projects completed annually. More than half of the respondents report they plan to increase the number of electronics projects completed during the next five years. They also made predictions regarding the hobby, including an increase in hobby growth, citing component availability and affordability as a driving factor.

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An executive summary of the study was sent to all participants. To receive a PDF copy of the complete results, email [email protected]


Jameco Electronics is an electronic components distributor founded in 1974. Jameco carries more than 50,000 products and offers hobbyists more than 500 step-by-step electronic kit options.