We Buy Excess Inventory!

Jameco has been buying excess inventory for over 30 years. We help manufacturers balance their inventory levels and are happy to entertain buying complete lots. Jameco is privately held, with significant cash resources available for opportunistic buys. Call us with your excess electronic inventory or factory overrun situations and we'll help you solve it quickly and hassle-free.

Contact info:

Jerry Bushnell - Excess Inventory Manager
Phone: 650-802-1505
Email: JBushnell@Jameco.com

Ronaldo Warrick - Excess Inventory Buyer
Phone: 650-802-1533

Fax number: 650-802-1584

Mailing address: 1355 Shoreway Road, Belmont CA 94002

Jameco buys electronic component inventory from the following product categories:

Cables LED Displays Relays, Solid State
Capacitors Modems Sockets, Headers
Computer Accessories Motherboards Switches
Connectors Motors (AC/DC) Test Equipment
Crystals/Oscillators Optoisolators Transformers
Disk Drives Potentiometers Transistors/Diodes
Fans (AC/DC) Power Cords Wire & Cable
Integrated Circuits Power Supplies Wall Adapters (AC/DC)