Jameco Parametric Page Filtering

While you can skip this step and scroll down directly to the product tables below, the Parametric Filtering panel allows you to easily narrow your electronic components search. Every time you select a value your screen will refresh and report the number of products that meet your criteria at the top of the filtering section. If you want to expand your search to select multiple criteria within a given parameter, you can hold the CTRL key down as you click on multiple values.

You'll always be able to search by Lead Time, Minimum Order Quantity and RoHS Compliance followed by the most popular parameters for the selected Product Class. You can expand the number of filtering parameters by clicking on the "Show More Parameters" button. In addition you can reset a given column or choose the "Reset All" button to start all over.

When you're happy with your filtering efforts, you must click on the "Show Results" button to apply your selection and see the results below.

Directions: To get to the parametric search engine, choose a product on the "shop by Product Category" then choose a product type. The parametric search is located on the right side of the screen under the navigation bar.


Parametric Result Tables

While you can click a product number or description and jump right to the product you are looking for, the product table offers some powerful sorting and comparison features.  You can add products to your shopping cart or easily compare multiple products using the orange buttons at the top of the product tables. You can show more parameters, eliminate parameters, delete a column or re-sort a given parameter. While the default will display 15 Results per page, you can also opt for more results per page.


Product Pages

For many products we have complete specifications, datasheets, photographs and descriptions. You can find similar products by choosing the Product of the Same Type option.

If you arrive at the product page for a product that has been discontinued, in most cases you will be given a link to replacement or substitute products.

Assuming you've found the right product, if registered user, you can save the product in the "My Products" section for future reference or easily add the product to your cart.


Search Not Found

Sometimes even with world-class search tools you still can't find what you are looking for. So, while the Jameco website is a powerful source of information, there is nothing like working with trained Jameco representatives who are on-hand to assist you. Jameco's technical experts can assist you with your product selection and the entire Jameco team works under one roof assuring that the answer to your question is just a few steps away. Call us at 1-800-831-4242.

Search Tips

Parametric Filter Page

  • Availability Product availability or lead time is represented in days and thus a 0 means that your product will ship today for orders placed before 6pm EST. If you want access to all products with availability of 15 days or less, for example, then you'll want to filter your selection to include 0, 1 and all values up until 15 days by holding the Ctrl key while you click on the values.
  • Brand Comparison The "Compare" button allows you to quickly compare similar products from different brands. Unlike many of our competitors, Jameco specializes in offering a wide breadth of options from name brand, to Jameco brand and even factory-overruns to help you save money with confidence that you are purchasing the spec-for-spec equivalent of what you need.
  • Missing Data Occasionally, you might find a product that is missing complete data. With over fifty thousand products this can happen on occasion. We encourage you to drop us a note at [email protected] and we'll make sure that the problem is fixed and we'll be happy to answer any questions that the product page might be missing.

Product Number Search

  • Obsolete Products The Jameco search is designed to be smart enough to recognize older obsolete products and return the appropriate replacement product(s).
  • Keyword Search If you have a key specification, try searching by description or specification first, then narrowing your search by selecting the appropriate Sub-Class(es) to display just the products that meet your keyword criteria.