Finding Jameco Electronic Components

With thousands and thousands of products to choose from, finding the right product can be difficult, as well as searching for specifications and finding similar products for comparison. Jameco's site has one of the most powerful and sophisticated search engines in the electronic components industry. We’ve designed it to be flexible and search the way you want to search.

The search design features four levels on your way to finding the products you need.

  • Home Page The home page offers two primary search paths: Product Search or via a Product Category drill down.
  • Mid-Level Page (Advanced Search) No matter how you search, if you find multiple matches, you'll arrive at the Mid-Level page. This page is organized by Product Class and Sub-Classes that meet your search criteria. Sub-classes always appear with a small check box to the left of the description.
  • Parametric Page Once you've selected the Sub-Classes you are interested in, this page will help you narrow or filter your search and deliver the resulting product tables below.
  • Product Page The product page is dedicated to a single product and should give you all the information you'll need to make a purchase.
From the home page you can start your search in one of two ways. If you know what you are looking for try a Keyword, Webcode or Part Number search. If you are familiar with Jameco's catalog, you might be more comfortable using a Drill Down approach by starting with a Product Category or Product Class.

Below is a list of quick tips on how to search and tricks to help you find what you need quickly and with ease.

Product Number Search

Jameco allows you to search three different ways. You can search by Jameco's part number or the original manufacturer's part number and even keywords. If you only know a portion of the product number, Jameco's search will return all matches that look similar. You can also add an asterisk (*) as a wild card at the beginning, middle or end of your search string.

Drill Down Search

drilldown search
Jameco also provides a drill down search feature by Product Category, Product Class and Sub-Class similar to the organization you'll find in Jameco's popular catalog. Select "Product Categories" on the left side of the page. You'll also see that each Product Class has a number in parenthesis that indicates the current number of products available for sale in that Product Class on the Jameco website.


With over 70,000 products available for sale, filtering is one of the most important capabilities of the site. You'll find filtering opportunities on both the Mid-Level page and the Parametric Page. Filtering allows you to fine tune your search based on a pricing, availability, or roughly a hundred different parametric data elements.

Mid-Level Attribute Filtering

On the left hand side of the Mid-Level page, you'll see the most popular attributes for any given Product Class or Sub-Class. By clicking on the attribute(s) you'll be able to filter your results. Simply click to expand the section and then click to select your filter criteria. This is the fastest way to limit your search by a key filter or two. After you've made your filter selection, select the Sub-Class and click "Show Results."