Money Making Opportunity for Electronic Hobbyist

Create projects and sell them as kits.

Jameco Electronics announces Club Jameco a new site for electronics hobbyists and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts to design electronics kits and earn a royalty on each sale.

The first of its kind, provides electronics designers a start-to-finish website to submit an electronics project ideas, identify the components, write step-by-step instructions and then sell their creations as an electronics kit. The website also lets members comment and contribute to the project while it is being designed.

"Electronics enthusiasts love to spend time at their workbench but sometimes have trouble making it a priority in their life," said Greg Harris, Jameco Electronics Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Hopefully the opportunity to earn cash for their hobby will make electronics a higher priority."

Electronics designers participate without additional cost or risk. Once the design is complete Club Jameco will source, build, promote and sell the electronics kits.

"We've seen a steady acceleration of demand for do-it-yourself products over the past several years - from gateway projects for aspiring makers to the most advanced kits and tools for the experienced maker," said Dan Woods, co-founder of MAKE and VP of Marketing and Business Development at TechShop. "Jameco's new Club Jameco program will help to fuel a new wave of entrepreneurial makers who are innovating some of the most exciting kits and components for the booming DIY marketplace."

The combination of a pay-for-projects model and the crowd sourced participation creates an exciting new level of community engagement in the maker movement. Club Jameco membership is free. Register at


Club Jameco is a website dedicated to DIY electronics projects and kits. For electronics enthusiasts, itís a place to discover, discuss, develop, and purchase electronics kits. For the electronics designers, the site provides an opportunity to design projects and sell them as step-by-step kits to the Jameco community earning a royalty on every sale.


Jameco Electronics is an electronic component distributor with facilities in Belmont, California. Founded in 1974, it is franchised for more than 150 brands. Jameco's product line includes digital and analog semiconductors, interconnects, passives, electromechanical, power supplies, fans, prototype/design, test equipment and tools, and robotics.

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