Electronic Components Low Price Leader

They are not all alike

Save Phrases like "low-price leader" are overused and easily ignored in this day and age, but Jameco's pricing approach is unique and it's worth explaining what's behind our claim that we are the electronic component industry's low-price leader.

Jameco uses a third-party pricing service to constantly scan the market to give us insight into our competitors' pricing. Jameco then maps its pricing strategy against its competitors' strategy.

Once a competitive benchmark is established, Jameco sets the pricing of most products to at least 10% below its competitors.

Jameco is unique with its offering of house brand and factory overrun products which allow customers to enjoy additional discounts over better known brand options. We've tuned our algorithms to price the Jameco house brands to be about 20% below its competitors and factory overruns at 30% to 50% below brand name products.

Jameco backs it all up with a no-hassle return policy, a strong product warranty and the Jameco low-price guarantee. If you find a product Jameco sells with a lower published price, we'll beat that price by 10% all the way down to our cost. We hope you'll agree that this indeed makes Jameco the electronic industry's low-price leader.