Lessons learned by our customers during builds to step-by-step project instructions, this section will help inspire you. If you have an electronics story or project you'd like to share, please email MyStory@Jameco.com.

Experimenting with a Two-Way Optoisolator

Light-emitting diodes can double as sources and detectors of light.

Two-Way Optoisolator
Experimenting with a Luminescent "Capacitor"

Luminescent materials offer a fun way to experiment with various circuits.
Luminescent Capacitor
Infrared Remote Control Tester

Quickly figure out if the batteries in your TV remote control need to be replaced.
Infrared Remote Control
Voltage Probe with Tone and
LED Outputs

Troubleshooting your circuit: How to build an inexpensive voltage probe.
Voltage Probe
Booster Light for Hard Drive
Activity LED

Find out how to boost the brightness of your LED.
Booster Light
Music Atari Punk Style

Go back in time to the fun days of punk music and the Atari console.

Punk Music
Laser Art

Introduce your laser pointer to your camera and create your own works of art.
Laser Art
Fridge Alarm

Catch the midnight snacker in the act by building your own fridge alarm.

Fridge Alarm
Simple Vibration Sensor with No Moving Parts

Be able to detect seismic activitiy by building this simple vibration sensor.
Vibration Sensor

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