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Good People

Jameco has a hole in its heart after losing a long-time employee.
Good People
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A Tool That's Also My Best Friend

After 33 years, Greg had to say goodbye to a trusted tool.
A Tool That's Also My Best Friend
Can you hear me now?

How do executives deal with a letter from Greg?
Hiring Great People at Jameco

The key to getting a job.
Hiring Great People at Jameco
Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robots

Why Jameco chooses to stay in the "dark ages" of automation.
Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robots
We're Off to See the Wizard

Greg says good-bye.
We're Off to See the Wizard
Happy 2nd Anniversary Club Jameco!

Club Jameco turns two.
Club Jameco Birthday
Every Quarter is Springtime

Spring cleaning in the workplace.
Sometimes Saving Money Really Blows

Our frugality saves customers money.
Saving Money
A Lesson So Powerful It Can't Be Forgotten

How is skiing like managing a business?

Black Diamond
Imagine a World Where Learning Is Fun

Creating a passion for electronics doesn't need to involve a college at all.
Learning is fun
Computer Eats Human

Not every company is like Jameco where real humans respond to customers.
Computer Eats Human
Greed, Wealth & Lego

The article detailed the theft of LEGO products, but the second paragraph caused my jaw to drop.
The End of Time

Read about my emotional roller coaster as I tried to live up to my commitment to myself.
The end of time
The Hunt

My mother decided to spend my inheritance and take the whole family on safari in Africa.
The Hunt
What's an Idea Worth?

Flattery doesn't pay the bills but we found a way for your ideas to make some money for you.
Design Idea
New Idea. Same Philosophy.

We saw the need clear as day, but we struggled to find a way to deliver the perfect solution.
Cub Jameco
Memory of a Lifetime

How a Disneyland kitchen worker turned a hum-drum day into something spectacular.
Memory of a Lifetime
Speed & Decisiveness

The heat grew intense, the anxiety mounted and I knew that only speed and decisiveness could save the day.
Speed & Decisiveness
Excellence Has a Name

Crazy ideas can translate into excellent customer service.
Excellence Has a Name
I'm fired up!

Can business and emotion mix?
I'm fired up
Amateur Marketing

Can marketing under promise and over deliver any more?
Amateur Marketing
Jameco's Smart People

Jameco Community Job Connections
smart people
Jameco's Big Announcement

Most common customer complaint solved.
You Guys Are Crooks!
More Important than Salary

Read about the journey of an engineer looking for a job.
Head: More Important than Salary
Listen & Learn

Story about customer's funny email.

Listen and learn
The Fountain of Knowledge
The ability to record knowledge and transfer it to future generations may well be the human species' most important trait.
Fountain of Knowledge
Raising Prices Not Customer Ire

How to change prices without your customers going ape @#$%!

Raising Prices
Ageless Technology

There are a few technology gems in our world that are just as impressive today as they were years ago.
Ageless Technology
Life's Circle of Fun

Life is too short. The time for fun is now. How could you disagree?

Life's Circle of Fun
The Most Important Thing
I Ever Learned in School

Here's how I see our hierarchy of office needs.
Ever Learned in School
Embrace Your Failure

I made a mistake, and here's how we can prevent future mistakes.

Embrace Your Failure
The Art of Yelling

Is it ever OK to raise your voice in an effort to get good customer service?  
The Art of Yelling

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