Electrically Conductive Paint for
Makers of All Ages!

Bare Conductive Product Review

Electric Paint Electronics has always required a bit of artistic creativity, but now there's a technology that will allow anyone to channel their inner Rembrandt and Edison at the same time. Electric Paint by Bare Conductive is conductive black paint that sidelines the soldering iron in place of a paint pen and opens up a world of possibilities.

Based in London, Bare Conductive manufactures both electrically conductive paint and some awesome do-it-yourself kits made for builders of all ages. While this looks like a simple product, it was challenging to develop.
It all began as a college project where the company founders wanted to prove the technology possible. Their faculty advisors, however, felt that without a specific application it was flawed.

"What's it for?" and "What will someone do with it?" were frequent challenges they faced. The answer was always the same, "We're not sure, but we are sure that our customers will figure it out." The four Bare Conductive founders toiled for a year working hard alongside a chemist to take their student project and turn it into a viable product by refining its chemistry and developing a strategy to produce the material in scale.

They never imagined the possibilities of using Electric Paint as a capacitive sensor, which quickly evolved into light switches that could literally be painted onto a wall, or party invitations that play music or can call information from a computer.

Electric Paint The company launched its first product in 2009: a 50mL jar of Electric Paint – the first non-toxic, water-soluble electrically conductive paint available to consumers. Makers became fascinated with the intersection of art and electronic design, demonstrated by ideas such as the House Kit .

Today, Electric Paint is a viable cold solder repair strategy and a technology that opens new doors, turning almost any surface into an electronic interface. From paper to cardboard to plastic, Electric Paint allows designers to make use of just about any material and turn it into an electrically viable piece of their project.

Bare Conductive has a product called a Touch Board which allows anyone to make their projects interactive with simple touch, motion or sound. Check out Bare Conductive's latest project that can turn almost any material or surface into a sensor.

Watch videos of the Touch Board in action here!

Electric Paint
Electric Paint Jar
Conductive Pen
Electric Paint Pen

Electric Paint Pens contain the non-toxic Electric Paint and work the same way as glitter glue pens. They are designed for people of all ages to explore electronics and learn about circuit making using a handy, easy-to-use format.

Conductive House KIt
Conductive House Kit
Glowing Paper House KIt
Glowing House Kit

With the Glowing Paper House Kit you can make two paper houses that light up in the dark. As the light fades, your houses will start to glow because of the photo resistors. Get artisitic and design the house just the way you like. The Voltage Village contains all the materials you need to make two glowing paper houses using Electric Paint.