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Battery Clips, Holders and Snaps

Battery Accessories

You'll find great prices and a great selection of battery accessories for all of your electroics projects. From Battery Holders and Battery Clips, to Battery Snaps, Battery Testers and Battery Chargers, Jameco is your number one source for your power accessory requirements..

Battery Accessories

Battery Charger Nimh-Nicd AA-AAA Ac-car Adapter 8slot Timer
Velleman Compact Battery Tester BATTTEST

Whether you need to charge, test or power your batteries, Jameco carries what you want, at prices you'll like. Checkout the wide selection of battery accessories from Velleman, Mean Well and Tenergy Corp.

Battery Chargers
Battery Testers

Battery Clips & Holders

ReliaPro 2-AA Bettery Holder with Cover and Switch
ReliaPro 2-AA Battery Holder with Cover and Switch

Protect your projects' power source or hold it in place with battery clips and battery holders. Jameco carries battery clips and holders of all shapes and sizes: AA, AAA, D, C, 9V, or even BR2325, CR2325 & CR2354.

AAA Battery Holders & Clips
D Battery Holders & Clips
AA Battery Holders & Clips
9V Battery Holders & Clips
C Battery Holders & Clips
18650 Li-Ion Battery Holders & Clips
Coin Cell Battery Holders & Clips

Battery Snaps

ValuePro 9V Battery Snap with 4 inch Wire
ValuePro 9V Battery Snap with 4 inch Wires

Whether you're tinkering with robotics, designing an automation system or lining up blinking LEDs, Jameco's selection and pricing of Battery Snap attachments will be more than enough to get your project going!

Battery Snap with 4" Wires
Battery Snap with 10" Wires
Battery Snap with 6" Wires
Battery Holders with Snap Connectors

See Jameco's complete selection of Battery Accessories, Clips, Holders & Snaps.

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