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DFRobot Microcontrollers, Sensors, Modules and Shields

All the tools you need to get started or expand your Arduino Projects

DFRobot Products Specializing in mobile robot platforms, open source hardware and robot sensors, since 2007, DFRobot has built a solid line of electronic hobbyist products and accessories for all kinds of added functionality and fun! DFRobot has developed comprehensive Arduino shields and sensors that can match most education, prototyping, DIY projects and research purposes.

DFRobot Microcontrollers

DFRobot Romeo All-in-One Microcontroller DFR0225
DFR0225 RoMeo Version 2 All in One Controller

RoMeo Version 2 is an All-in-One Arduino compatible microcontroller designed specifically for robotics applications from DFRobot. The Romeo uses the Arduino open-source platform, it is supported by thousands of open-source codes, and can easily be expanded with Arduino Shields. The integrated 2 way DC motor driver and Xbee socket allows you to start your project immediately without the need for an additional motor driver or wireless shield.

DFR0159 DFRduino Pro Mini V1.2 DFR0141 Rainbow LED Ring V3
DFR0282 Beetle Microcontroller DFR0216 DFRduino UNO R3
DFR0267 Bluno-BLE with Arduino Uno

DFRobot Sensors

SEN0101 TCS3200 Color Sensor/Detector
SEN0101 TCS3200 Color Sensor/Detector

This color sensor and detector has an array of photo detectors, each with either a red, green or blue filter, or no filter (clear). The filters of each color are distributed evenly throughout the array to eliminate location bias among the colors. Internal to the device is an oscillator which produces a square-wave output whose frequency is proportional to the intensity of the chosen color.

SEN 0114 Soil Moisture Sensor SEN0142 6 DOF Sensor - MPU6050
DFR0023 LM35 Analog Linear Temperature Sensor DFR0034 Analog Sound Sensor
DFR0025 Digital Tilt Sensor SEN0032 Triple Axis Accelerometer ADXL345
DFR0143 Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361 DFR0066 SHT1x Humidity and Temperature Sensor
DFR0129 Capacitive Touch Kit SEN0019 Switch Infrared Sensor
SEN0018 Digital Infrared Motion Sensor DFR0067 DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
SEN0159 CO2 Sensor DFR0018 9-Piece DFRobot Multiple Sensor Set
KIT0011 Gravity: 27 Pcs Sensor Set

DFRobot Shields

DFRobot DFR0009 LCD Shield for Arduino
DFR0009 LCD Shield for Arduino

This LCD shield for Arduino and other variants includes a 2x16 character LCD display and six momentary push buttons. The shield supports contrast adjustment and back-light on/off functions and has an LED to indicate power on.

DFR0019 Prototyping Shield for Arduino DFR0144 Relay Shield for Arduino Version 2.1
DRI0009 2A Motor Shield for Arduino TEL0051 GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield Version 3.0
DFR0008 Input Shield for Arduino DFR0131 Proto Screw Shield Assembled
DFR0060 Screw Shield – Converts Header Pins to Screw Terminals

DFRobot Panel Meters

DFRobot DFR0130-B 4.5V-30V LED Voltage Panel Meter Blue
DFR0130-B 4.5V-30V LED Voltage Panel Meter Blue

This is a standalone DC voltage meter. It has a 1% accuracy, best suitable for battery level display. Just apply two wires on the power without any extra circuit or components and you will recieve the reading.

DFR0130-R 4.5V-30V LED Voltage Panel Meter Red DFR0244-B LED 10A Current Panel Meter Blue
DFR0245-R LED 50A Current Panel Meter Red

DFRobot Modules

DFRobot DFR0017 Relay Module Version 3.1
DFR0017 Relay Module Version 3.1

The relay module allows you to switch on and off a number of electronic modules. It can be used in interactive projects or to control lighting, electrical and other equipment. The design makes it easy to expand by adding an Arduino board. The relay output is indicated by an LED. It can be controlled through the digital I/O port with a simple HIGH or LOW signal.

DFR0231 NFC Module for Arduino DFR0071 SD Card Slot Module Breakout Board
DFR0091 3-wire Serial LCD Module TEL0026 Bluetooth Module Version 3
DFR0140 5V/3.3V Breadboard Voltage Regulator (Assembled) TEL0023 Bluetooth Bee Module

DFRobot Adapters

DFRobot TEL0002 Mini Bluetooth Adapter
TEL0002 Mini Bluetooth Adapter

This Bluetooth adapter allows to transmit data without targeting; transmission distance is less than 10 meters (infrared transmission distance of a few meters). Bluetooth technology is ideal for low power consumption of digital devices to share data with each other, such as mobile phones, handheld computers. This device can transmit sound when paired with a device like Bluetooth headsets or can be used for small file transfer.

DFR0062 Wii Nunchuck Adapter DFR0050 XBee USB TTL Adapter

DFRobot Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)

DFRobot FIT0127 16 x 2 Character 5V LCD White on Blue Display
DFRobot FIT0127 16 x 2 Character 5V LCD White on Blue Display

This is a standard 16x2 character LCD display. It has a basic 16 character by 2 line display with a blue background with white characters.

DFR0063 16 x 2 Character LCD Display FIT0127 16x2 Resolution Parallel LCDs
FIT0326 7" 1280 x 800 IPS Panel Display DFR0275 2.8" USB TFT Touch Display Screen

DFRobots Electronic Kits

DFRobot DFR0126 Audio Analyzer Detects Patterns in Music
DFRobot DFR0126 Audio Analyzer Detects Patterns in Music

This module features the MSGEQ7 graphic equalizer display filter. It will give your Arduino ears. Sound is broken down into seven frequency bands and the peak level for each band can be read. It can also be used to create sound visualization and detect patterns in music or add sound activation to your microcontroller.

DFR0100 Beginner Kit for Arduino KIT0090 Insectbot Hexa Kit
DFR0315 360 Degree Laser Scanner Development Kit DFR0107 IR Remote IR Reciever Kit
ROB0103 DIY Spider Robot Kit

DFRobot Mobile Platforms

DFRobot ROB0003 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform
ROB0003 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform

This 4WD robotic platform is a great way to get started with an Arduino or other microcontroller! The kit includes four geared motors, four rims with tires, and a high-strength aluminum alloy body with mounting holes. It can traverse grass, gravel, sand, or sloped surface with ease. Just add an Arduino, or other microcontroller, motorshield, and power supply and you ready to get going! We recommend the Romeo microcontroller, for it has built in motor control and additional buttons.

ROB0025 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform ROB0005 2WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform
ROB0003 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform ROB0112 Devastator - Tank Mobile Platform
ROB0049 2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis

DFRobot Accessories

DFRobot DFR0065 FTDI 3.3/5V Basic Breakout Board
DFR0065 FTDI 3.3/5V Basic Breakout Board

This is a basic breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial IC. It can also be used for general serial applications. The board is unique since it brings out the DTR pin as opposed to the RTS pin of the FTDI cable.

DFR0077 RS232 TTL Converter FIT0045 DF05BB Pan/Tilt Kit
DRI0002 2A Dual Motor Controller FIT0099 2" Single Sided Protoboard
FIT0121 Assorted Length Jumper Wires 65 pack FIT0137 7.4V 2200mAh LiPo Battery
DFR0106 Surface Mount RGB LED Disk 7 FIT0365 7.8" Jumper Wires 30 pack
SER0006 9g Mirco Servo FIT0292-R 1.75mm PLA Red Filament
FIT0033 11.8" Servo Extension Cable FIT0031 Analog Sensor Cable for IO Shields and Sensors
FIT0367 Self-Adhesive Pure Copper Heatsink RB-TIRE Replacement Tires for RB-DFR-79