Get started on your next electronic project

Perfect Do-It-Yourself Products

We have over 40 years of experience anticipating which part you'll need, having it in stock and pricing it below the competition. Many of our products carry Jameco's brand name, ValuePro, which means even lower prices. Whether you're looking to stock up on Motors, Robotics, Microcontrollers, Arduino Controllers or even Batteries/Chargers, check out some of the great project, must–have products Jameco has to offer.



Choose from a selection of Direct Drive, Gearhead, Vibrating, Stepper Motors and Servos all packed with enough torque to get your project running. We also have several Motor Controllers to keep everything in your control.


Jameco carries a variety of Microcontrollers perfect for your projects. Choose from a variety of families, manufacturers and package types.

Powering Your Project

Look no further for the perfect batteries or chargers to power your projects. Jameco can power your imagination with a variety of alkaline, lithium, NiCd, lead acid, or LiFe batteries and single or dual chargers. If batteries aren't the right option for you we have an extensive selection on wall adapters and table-top power supplies too.

Arduino Controllers

Easy-to-use, open-source electronics prototyping platforms perfect for artists, designers or hobbyists creating interactive objects or environments. Arduino and compatible controllers are great for all skill levels and can be expanded on with accessories and shields.

Prefer to have a kit rather than build from scratch, click here for kits for all skill levels.

We know you want to spend your time working on your project, not chasing down the right part. That's why we take the time to select the products that matter to you, ready to ship today in most cases.

Need help finding the right product? Our in-house technical team can provide you with the expertise you need.