Electronic Design Essentials

Products and Components to Stock a Classroom Lab or Workbench

Whether you're building or restocking your workbench or building a classroom lab, you want to be sure to have all the essentials when it comes to electronic design basics. It doesn't matter if you're a time-tested veteran designer or an engineering student; a steady stock of reliable and affordable components is what you'll need. Jameco is here to provide the many quality parts you're going to need at some of the best prices around.

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Every electronic design project starts with a breadboard. The selection of boards at Jameco is vast, so you can have any type that fits your daily routine. There are small boards less than 4 square inches for those projects containing valuable real estate, or big boards with over 3000 contact points for those multiple-stage projects requiring extra space for troubleshooting. There's also powered project boards with power supplies built directly into the breadboard for easy powering without the need of a lab bench nearby. Need some wiring to go with that board? We have 100-foot reels of wire or, if you'd prefer, wire kits that are pre-stripped and ready to be used.

If you're going to be working on your breadboard day in and day out, you are definitely going to need many components. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a project and having to postpone everything due to that one burnt-out chip, or not having that one specific part on-hand. What you need is a Deluxe Electronic Component Kit. With two types, they contain just about everything you are going to need and they even come in a handy carrying case so all your parts stay organized and easily portable.

Want more of a starter kit? Check out the DMM starter kit , which includes a multimeter, soldering iron, breadboard, capacitors, resistors, and more.

Every electronics workbench needs tools to deal with wires or excessively long leads on components or power supplies. No matter what project you are working on, you need to have the proper tools. We carry a variety of strippers, cutters, and crimpers to choose from to satisfy your needs. Not sure which to pick? Check out our tool kit below.

SAE Tool Set With Carry Case SAE Tool Set With Carry Case

Outside of tools, you will also need reliable instruments readily available at all times. You can set up your own workshop equipped with a benchtop power supply, multimeter, function generators, and soldering stations. Understanding that cost is a major issue when building a workspace, we offer multiple labs-in-one . With three different instruments packed into one piece of equipment, these lab centers can go a long way in your testing procedures. Just throw in a test lead starter kit and you are ready to go.
3-in-1 lab
4-in-1 Laboratory Center with Function Generator, Frequency Counter, DC Power Supply and Multimeter

Need to create a design and prototype with different materials? We have prototyping boards, developer kits, adapters, compounds, just about everything you need. Sometimes certain ICs come only in specific packages such as surface mount (SMT) or dual in-line package (DIP). When you need to use a certain type and can't match up the size, it can become very cumbersome. You can make it simple to go from one package to the other with the special adapters that will allow you to solder on a SMT component then install headers to turn it into a DIP or SIP (system in package). You can even use special self-adhesive adapters which allows components to be soldered on, then stuck to your projects for easy, hassle-free integration. You can also try the phenolic prototyping boards or the surface mount prototyping boards so you can utilize both technologies on the same board. While you're at it, pick up a Grag Bag or two. These are a parts bonanza, including switches, LEDs, capacitors, motors, potentiometers, transistors, and more. There's even a surprise grab bag!. A couple of these puppies will round out any workshop's back stock.
Schmart BoardSchmartBoard ez 1.27mm Pitch SOIC to DIP adapter

Turning surface mount components to through-hole packages, has never been so easy. You can have all the necessary components on one single board, and when it's finished, place them in a specialty enclosure for a premium, snug fit with protection from nature's elements.

Getting all the right parts that you'll need to be prepared for the new school year is simple now. We carry almost everything that you use in the laboratory. Remember, if there's anything you need that we don't carry, let us know and we will do our best to not only get it, but price it competitively as well.

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