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Freescale Semiconductor

Embedded Processing Solutions

Freescale Semiconductor leads the way with embedded processing solutions in industries ranging from automotive, medical and healthcare, to heavy industrial, networking, and smart energy. Jameco's Freescale selection includes microprocessors, microcontrollers, sensors, analog ICs, diodes, transistors and drivers.

Analog & Power Management

Power Management ICs are designed to efficiently and accurately deliver electrical power to the various components in your system. Power management ICs manage transitions between standby, sleep and high power modes effectively, convert unregulated voltages from AC line, batteries, or other sources to regulated, precise and protected levels. Auxiliary functions include Audio, Li-Ion Charging, and LED drivers. Freescale ICs help extend battery life, and support networking and computing, wireless, automotive and motor control applications.

Voltage Regulators

Diodes & Rectifiers

The gatekeeper of a circuit can convert AC to DC power, charge pump to make a high DC voltage from a low voltage AC source, or for amplitude modulation.

Thyristor Silicon Controlled Rectifier
Zener Diodes

LED and Line Drivers

Freescale drivers add control to your circuit. The can regulate current flow in integrated circuit systems, or control high-power switches in power converters, or drive a constant voltage circuit for a range of input voltages.

Interface & LED Drivers


Microcontrollers are inside a wide array of products these days. From microwaves to automobiles (cruise control and antilock brakes), TVs and digital cameras, even interactive refrigerators. Whether you need 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit MCUs, digital signal, EEPROM, flash, or even a Manatee-EPP, Jameco has the best price on the Freescale Microcontroller you need.

Flash Memory
8, 16 & 32-bit Microcontrollers
Other Mcirocontrollers


Microprocessors are found in house-hold appliances, car key fobs, smoke alarms, test instruments, electrical circuit breakers, audio and visual equipment, and cell phones, to name a few. The control programs can be tailored to virtually any systems' needs, allowing for easy upgrades and redesign.

Digital Signal Microprocessors
68000 Series Microprocessors
Other Freescale Microprocessors


No matter what your pressure is, Freescale pressure sensors are a great microstructure, pressure sensor solution. Application in medical, HVAC devices, data storage, process controls, industrial machinery, pumps, and robotics. Jameco selection includes amplified signal conditioning, designed for use on PC boards, piezoresistors, chemically etched silicon diaphragm produces a proportional electrical output. Easy does it, no pressure!

Pressure Sensors

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