Single Digit 7-Segment LED Display GNS-3011BH-11

LED Products and Accessories

Light Emitting Diode Solutions

Jameco Electronics carries a full line of Light Emitting Diode (LED) accessories and parts. Whether your project calls for infrared LEDs, LED displays, high power LEDs, a flashing LED kit, or a 7-segment LED, Jameco has your product in stock and will ship it, in most cases, the same day.

Discrete LEDs

Check out Jameco's wide selection of discrete LEDs. LEDs are small, highly efficient, low self-heating, high reliability, and withstand well to shock and vibration.

Bayonet LEDs
Festoon Style LEDs
High-Output LEDs
Backlight LEDs
Infrared LEDs, IrLED

Emitters and Detector LEDs

LEDs can be used as emitters or detectors generating a photocurrent at about the same frequency. Jameco carries a wide selection of LED emitters and detectors, including infrared phototransistors , light to frequency converters, and photodetectors .

Infrared Phototransistors
Light to Frequency Converters

LED Displays

Catch everyone's attention with brilliant LED displays! Jameco carries only the best and the brightest, Ligitek, Lite-On, ValuePro, Vishay and more. Whether you need to light up a segment display, Panel Mounts, or Dot Matrices, Jameco's lights the way!

7-Segment LED Displays
Dot Matrix LED Displays
LED Bar Arrays

LED Hardware

To use LEDs you'll need LED Hardware. Jameco has you covered with all the LED mounting hardware, LED lens mounts, LED component kits and LED assembly cables you need to light the way.

Mounting Hardware

LED Strips and Cables

Jameco has a large selection of durable, flexible, super bright, silicone, waterproof, and customizable LED strips at great prices to light up all your projects and all the required connecting cables that you'll need.

Flex Strip Intelligent LED Strips
Light Strip Extension Cables
LED Modules

Neon Lamps

Jameco's Neon Lamps burn longer and brighter perfect for use in signs and displays.

Neon Lamps

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