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Rechargeable Battery that Delivers as Much Juice as an Alkaline Battery

By Shalin Shah

Rechargeable Battery Enter Nickel-Zinc technology which delivers full Alkaline performance. Jameco's new line of nickel-zinc products are from PowerGenix. PowerGenix's Quick Charger & NiZn AA 4-Battery Pack are available now. Voted by Popular Science Magazine "best of what's new" in 2009, these batteries pack the punch you need.

PowerGenix, based in San Diego, CA, has developed the first viable alternative to disposable Alkaline batteries. Made with a safe, nontoxic Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) solution, PowerGenix's rechargeable AA batteries are a great choice for consumers because they provide the power level of a disposable battery with the environmental benefits of rechargeables.

Although the design and construction of the battery is similar to that of Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd), the higher voltage of PowerGenix's NiZn battery results in a 25% lower cell requirement in multi-cell packages, representing significant space and cost-savings. NiZn also delivers more power and the cycle life meets or beats that of most NiCd batteries in typical applications.

What is Nickel-Zinc?

Charger Nickel-Zinc is a chemistry compound first introduced by Thomas Edison almost 100 years ago. Originally, the technology was put to use in electric vehicles until the gasoline engine emerged as the technology of choice for automobile propulsion. However, with new breakthroughs in engineering, NiZn has become the new cost effective, safe battery solution for everything from consumer AA batteries to power tool packs to high-power motor driven vehicles.

What About the Charger?

The PowerGenix Quick Charger delivers an efficient and fast charge at a great value. Charge 2 AA or AAA NiZn batteries in 1.50 hours, or charge 4 AA batteries in 3 hours. The charger also features a built-in "switching" power supply that will automatically adjust to any voltage from 100-240VAC for international use. The only downside is that the PowerGenix Quick Charger is intended for use with eco-friendly NiZn batteries only – so you won't be able to use it to recharge those Lithium Ion batteries in your digital camera.