Newhaven Display

Jameco Electronics Product Review

By Robert Cong

RGB Resistive Touch Panel TFT Display
4.3" RGB Resistive Touch Panel TFT Display In the liquid crystal displays (LCD) business, one usually thinks of high-speed data transfer rather than high-speed adrenaline. But, when it comes to the possibilities of use for Newhaven Display products – and their customers' creativity – the outcomes can be surprising. From security alarm controls to rally car racing, display screens available from Newhaven Display are being used in a variety of areas that the company never imagined.

Newhaven Display was founded in 2001 with a focus on LCDs and VFDs (vacuum fluorescent displays). Unlike LCDs, VFDs are not limited by the response time of rearranging liquid crystals, which allows them to function normally in sub-zero temperatures, be more visible in dim light and at further distances, as well as have wider viewing angles.

Newhaven Display has grown and expanded its product offering as the demand for technologies evolved. It now offers OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes), TFTs (thin-film transistor), LCDs and VFDs in a variety of standard sizes and custom designs to match up perfectly with all of your applications.

An unexpected application of a Newhaven Display that recently received a lot of attention was made by ALFA Rally, a company with a strong passion for TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) road rally competitions. In TSD rally racing, contestants are penalized for arriving at secret checkpoints either early or late, making timing precision and clarity crucial. To achieve exact timing, rally cars need displays that are easily visible in daylight and can be fully integrated with the car's system.

When ALFA Rally started in the mid-1980s, it used an electroluminescent-backlit twisted nematic LCD display in its ALFA-Elite road rally computers. At the time, it was the best option available. Today, rally racing competitions are much more fierce and far more technologically advanced, with a huge market demand for computerized, real-time devices, specifically for timing and navigation. Recently, ALFA Rally discovered that Newhaven Display's NHD-0216SZW-BY5 Yellow OLED module was perfect for clearly displaying all the critical information racers needed without having to redesign hardware or rewrite a lot of software.

With the help of a new navigator console, ALFA Rally now has the best-selling rally computer in the United States and has exported it to numerous other countries. Their real-time systems keep a moving vehicle exactly on time while driving over an unknown course, with a timing precision to 1/1000 of a minute.

ALFA Rally is one of many companies and individuals using Newhaven Display products in unexpected ways. David Xanatos of Xanatronics created a custom EnviroDock DieselDock Fuel Management System using Newhaven Displays because of the products' consistent performance and reliability. He said he specifically uses Newhaven Display because they have a wide range of serial displays and work well in very cold or hot conditions.

"Most of these DieselDocks are in Northern New England – and a lot of LCD displays are slow and unresponsive at sub-zero temps. The Newhaven Displays I use in these applications are fantastic, even in temperatures that can range from 100 degrees in the summer to as low as -10 degrees in the winter."

A customer in Finland is using a Newhaven Display 2.4" TFT display with touch panel as part of an endurance racing lap timer. Another customer said he used a Newhaven Display LCD to replace and update the display on his old TEN-TEC Orion 565 ham radio.

Newhaven Display's high quality is evident in all their products, from the most basic display to highly complex turnkey solutions. Throw in their high-quality hardware and software design support, as well as their cost-effectiveness, and you have nothing to lose.
Robert is a graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Electrical Engineering. His interests include sports, movies, music and playing with cool, new gadgets.