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Free Shipping Club: Power Supplies and Wall Adapters

Jameco carries a large selection of power supplies and accessories. Power supplies are available in various voltages. Some of the most popular is our selection of 12 volt power supplies and 24 volt power supplies. Orders on power products are eligible for free shipping with the Jameco Free Shipping Club. Now you can save even more on power!

Learn more on how you can earn free shipping on electronic components.

150W 24V 6.5A Enclosed Switchable AC-to-DC Power Supply150W 24V Enclosed Switching AC-to-DC Power Supply RS-150-24

AC to AC Power Supplies
AC to DC Linear Power Supplies
AC to DC Switching Power Supplies
Medical Power Supplies
LED Power Supplies
DIN Rail Power Supplies
Wall Transformers

Need help selecting the right power product for your project? Check out Jameco's Power Resource Center. Jameco is a top distributor of Mean Well Power Supplies. If you're looking for power from a trusted power manufacturer be sure to check out the Mean Well Storefront.

Jameco also carries power products from the following manufacturers and house brands:

Arndt Electronics
Delta Electronics
Jameco ReliaPro
Triad Magnetics
Sparkle Power

We hope that you were able to find the right product for your project. If not let us know at [email protected]