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Passive Electronic Components: Inductors

Chokes, Toriods, Transformers and More!

Inductor Components store energy. The simplest component consist of a simple wire loop or coil. The inductance is determined by the number of turns on the coil and they type of material around which the coil is wound. Jameco carries a variety of Inductors and Frequency Control Components we're sure you'll find the right Passive Components for your design requirements. If not we want to hear about it! Please send all of your electronic component product suggestions to [email protected].

EPCOS Ferrite Core ELP-N87EPCOS Ferrite Core ELP-N87
Vertical Toroid 1000 µHVertical Toroid 1000 µH

Jameco carries the following type of Inductor Components:

Toroid and Toroidal Transformers
Small Signal Transformers, Power Transformers
Axial Inductors

Jameco also carries a variety of other electronic components in the Interconnect category:

Crystal OsciallatorCrystal Oscillators
SMT Ceramic ResonatorSMT Ceramic Resonators

Circuit Protection
Frequency Control
Passive Filters
Ceramic Resonator

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