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Electromechanical Components: Sensors

Distance Sensor, IR Sensor, Motion Sensor, Pressure Sensor & More!

Jameco carries a variety of Sensors components that can help sense light, motion, heat and many other elements caused by events and changes in the environment. We're sure you'll find the right component for your design requirements. Check our selection of Arduino Sensors and Robotic Sesnsors to brign your electonic project to life.

If not we want to hear about it! Please send all of your electronic component product suggestions to [email protected].

Current SensorsCurrent Sensors
Liquid Water Level SensorLiquid Water Level Sensor
Circular Force Sensing SensorCircular Force Sensing Sensor

Jameco carries the following type of Sensors:

Air Flow Sensors
Capacitive Load Cell Sensors
Distance Sensors
Flex Sensors
Gas Sensors
Hall Effect Sensors
Infrared Sensors/IR Sensors
Magnetic Sensors
Motion Sensors
Pressure Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors
Humidity Sensor

Jameco is an electronic component distributor for a variety of Electromechanical Components. Check our selection of switches, relays, motors, hardware and audio components.

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