Electronic Design Prototyping Systems

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Bare Copper Circuit Boards

Experimenter's Phenolic Prototype Board Bare Copper Circuit Boards, single or double sided in sizes ranging from 3x5" to 11x14". Boards of 1 ounce copper on 1/16" base of either fiberglass or epoxy reinforced board and phenolic or pre-sensitized circuit boards.

Bare Copper Single-Sided Circuit Boards
Bare Copper Double-Sided Circuit Boards
Phenolic Circuit Boards
Pre-sensitized Circuit Boards

Prototyping Boards

Prototyping Boards All prototyping starts with the board. Types available include blank, perforated, plated, non-plated, phenolic, etched, perforated, BASIC Stamp, or surface mount boards.

General Purpose Prototyping Boards
Parallax BASIC Stamp Boards/Kits
Perforated Prototyping Board

Prototyping SMT to DIP Adapters

SchmartBoard's patented "ez" technology for soldering surface mount components. Great for engineers, technicians, educators, students or DIY hobbyists! These adapters come with multiple boards in one package and make it easy to prototype with surface mount ICs on your solderless breadboard.

Solderless Breadboards

Solderless Breadboard This reusable prototyping essential is the platform for endless creation. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, bus stripping provides connectivity for plug-and-play setup.

1-5" Solderless Breadboards
10-20" Solderless Breadboards