Integrated Circuits and Semiconductors

Semiconductor Solutions

Jameco offers a variety of semiconductor solutions for all of your electronic needs. Sections include power, signal management, logic, discrete components, and much more, to help customers efficiently solve their design challenges. Along with a variety of packages and manufacturers, Jameco also offers various price points to make sure you have the right product for the right build.

Analog/Linear Chips

ALM324N Op Amp
LM324N OP Amp Quad General Purpose 14-Pin

Recognized as electronic building blocks, analog and linear chips perform vital functions in circuits, products, and systems. These are basic circuits that use semiconductor properties as a means of filtering and manipulating outputs to match specifications.

Amplifiers Mod and Demod
MOSFET and Power Drivers Multiplexer and Switch
Analog Linear Op-Amps High and Low Speed
Analog Switch PLLs
Audio and Video Power Factor Correction
Battery Management Power Management
Buffers Power Switch
Bus Swtich PWM
Charge Pump References
Clock Management Sample and Hold
Comparators Temperature Sensors
Converters Voltage Detectors
Filters Voltage Regulators
Hot Swap Controllers

Communication Chips

Enhanced T1 Single Chip
RF Switch Single Pole Double Throw

Communication chips allow for voice and data communication in telecommunication devices and systems. They also support many different types of serial and wireless technologies.

Audio Communication PHY
CODECs/ENDECs Transceivers
Control Area Network UARTs
Digital CrossPoint Video
Ethernet Controllers & Transceivers

Diodes and Rectifiers

Zener Diode
Fairchild Semiconductor 1N5226B Zener Diode

Standard diodes allow electric current to pass in one direction while blocking current in the opposite direction. Rectifiers convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).

Zener Diodes UltraFast Diodes
Damper Diodes Rectifiers
Fast Diodes SCRs
General Purpose Diodes Thyristors
Switching Diodes TRIACs
Schottky Diodes TVs

Interface ICs

5 Volt 15-Pin Multi-Watt Volt Tube
ST Micro L298N Dual Full Bridge Motor Driver

These ICs make it possible to communicate between different ports. Relaying data from a keyboard to a computer to a monitor is possible through interfacing.

Data Transmission RS-485
Display Drivers RS-422/423
ISDN RS-422/485
Line Drivers and Receivers RS-232
LVDS Circuits Up-Down Converter and Mixer
Motor and Motion Control USB
MPU Supervisory Circuits

Logic Chips

5 Volt 74LS04 TTL Logic Chip
74LS04 Logic Chip

Logic allows the algorithms for specific operations to be calculated and executed. It provides the basic blocks for language structure and organization to build the computers we use today.

Buffers and Line Drivers Latch
Bus Transceivers Level Translator
Comparator Multiplexer
Counter Shift Register Monostable Multivibrator
Decoders BICMOS
Encoders CMOS
Flip Flop PECL
Gates Programmable
Inverter Schmitt Trigger TTL

Memory Chips


A memory chip allows a user to send, receive and store data temporarily or permanently. They run the processes of a computer.



SPIN Stamp Microcontroller
MCU 8-bit HC08 CISC 4KB Flash

Microcontrollers can be programmed to execute strings of commands, while taking up very little real estate. They contain a processor, I/O's and memory: the same features of a computer.

Atmel Series Microcontrollers
BASIC Stamp Series Motor Control
Dallas Semiconductor Series National Series
Freescale/Motorola Series TI Series
Intel Series ST Micro Series
Microchip Series Microcontroller Peripherals


MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit
MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit

A microprocessor is a programmable, multipurpose, clock-driven device that accepts binary data and executes according to stored instructions.

6500 Series Microprocessors
Development Tools Motorola 68000 Series
Digital Signal Processors (DSP) Zilog Series
Intel Series TI Series
Microprocessor Peripherals

Power Management IC

Single DC Controller 9 to 60 Volt
Linear Technology LT1339CSW#PBF DC Controller

Power Management chips manage on/off functionality and offer safety from over-power consumption. They have the ability to switch systems into a low-power state when inactive.

DC to DC Controller
Low Dropout Controllers
DC to DC Power Supply

Timing Solutions

Programmable Oscillator
Analog Devices AD2S99AP Programmable Oscillator

Real Time Clocks are used in many different applications, including time-of-day, calendar, trickle charger, and memory functions. They offer low power consumption and very accurate time-keeping.

Real Time Clocks


General Purpose Transistor
Fairchild Semiconductor 2N3904

Transistors quickly amplify and switch electronic signals to provide the correct amount of power to each section of a circuit. They play a vital role in modern electronics.

Bipolar MOSFETs
Darlington Power
General Purpose Small Signal
IGBTs Thermistors
JFETs Transistor Arrays


Arduino UNOArduino Uno R3 DIP Edition (Revision 3)

Arduino is an open source prototyping platform which provides a quick and easy way to control and execute programs straight from the computer to your applications. The most basic and popular board is the Arduino Uno.


IC Programmers

EPROM Programmer 40-PIN
Topmax II Expert Universal Device Programmer for PC USB

EE Tools offer high-quality, industrial-grade, stand-alone and PC-based device programmers with parallel-port interface. These programmers provide ultra-fast programming at a reasonable price and a user-friendly interface.

Programmers & Adapters