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Solar Products and Solar Accessories

Jameco Electronics carries a variety of solar products and accessories for all your small and large-scale power generation needs. From mini-panel solar cells to foldable solar chargers, we have solutions for all your applications.

Jameco offers the following solar products:
Parallax Logo

Parallax Solar Panels

Parallax 30-Watt Solar Panel Kit 33000 Ideal for rechargeable outdoor lighting or solar powered data logger projects, the small and easy-to-use 1-Watt Solar Panel provides a maximum output of 9VDC in direct sunlight. Parallax also offers panels that provide 6VDC in direct sunlight at up to 1W and 18VDC in direct sunlight at up to 10W for your next solar-powered project. These panels can be chained in serial and/or parallel to expand voltage/current and come with pre-soldered color-coded leads.

If you want to create your own green energy system, the 30-Watt Solar Panel Kit has everything you need to produce a substantial amount of electrical power. A true kit, you construct the solar panel from raw materials that include a pack of solar cells, flux pen, cell tabbing wire, adhesive backed flat copper bus-bar wire, plywood "cell workbenches" and polycarbonate base, cover panels and cement. The energy produced per square foot from the completed kit is comparable to many commercially available solar panels.

Order the 30-Watt Solar Panel Kit 33000

PoweFilm Logo

PowerFilm Solar Products

PowerFilm Wireless Electronics Series MPT6-150

Wireless Electronics Series

The PowerFilm Wireless Electronics Series offers new solutions to the old problem of limited power for wireless electronics in portable and remote applications. These durable, lightweight and paper-thin modules are easily integrated with devices for solar recharging or direct powering, and have been specifically developed to recharge AA, AAA, 6V and 12V batteries.

View all PowerFilm Wireless Electronics Series products.
Jameco ValuePro Logo ValuePro Solar Panel

Jameco ValuePro 60mm Solar Panel

Constructed of Copper Indium Diselenide (CuInSe2), this 60mm solar panel is a photovoltaic mini-module with clear-coat plastic. Its compact size of 2.36" x 2.36" x 0.1" can be used for several applications and provides a maximum power output of 0.25W.

Order the Jameco ValuePro Solar Panel SHELL-STO.4-XI
Velleman Logo Velleman Solar Cell SOL4

Velleman Mini-Panel Solar Cells

These encapsulated mini-panels use solar cells and are secured in a plastic body with a prismatic cover to help capture all available light. Ready to use without soldering, they come with 6" red and black lead wires and can be connected in series or parallel to create different outputs. Unlike fragile solar cells, these mini-panels allow for handling without normal breakage and cell damage.

Order the Velleman Solar Cell SOL1, SOL2, SOL3 or SOL4
Horizon Logo Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Solar Hydrogen Education

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Solar Hydrogen Education Kit

Just add water and sunshine to invent your own clean energy applications using this educational kit. Create a mini-power system that can store solar energy as hydrogen, which can then be used to power a small motor or fan using the fuel cell.

Order the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Solar Hydrogen Education Kit FCJJ-16