Hobby Robotics and Electronic Components

Solarbotics has been operating for more than 15 years focused on BEAM robotics. They are a hobby robotics and electronics company specializing in embedded systems and microcontrollers.

Solarbotics Ardweeny: KARDW

Ardweeny If you want to build a small, breadboard-friendly, Arduino-compatible microcontroller look no further. The Ardweeny is perfect and so small that it fits on the back of the included ATmega328 so it doesn't take up any valuable breadboard space. Simply solder the pins to the microcontroller and you're ready to go. Welcome to the open-source hardware revolution.

This product comes with the Arduino 1.0 optiboot bootloader programmed into it. You can also mount the Ardweeny into the socket of the Arduino board. Handy for when you need to reburn a boot-loader or are short on FTDI adapters.

    • Arduino-compatible! Just select "Arduino Uno" when programming.
    • Stacks onto the back of an ATmega328 chip (included)
    • Same 28-pin footprint as the microcontroller IC itself
    • Features a pin-13 LED and reset button
    • Only seven parts plus pins and a PCB
    • Perfect for breadboard applications
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Solarbotics: BVR Voltage Regulator Kit

Solarbotics BVR Voltage Regulator Kit: 34020

This regulator kit makes it easy to add regulated, switchable power to your breadboard with any 2.1mm DC adapter. Having to build a regulated supply with each design is a hassle. A simple plug-in-and-go solution, this kit is inexpensive and convenient.

The BVR is capable of outputting up to 500 mA of current and has been designed to simply mount onto the power rails of a standard breadboard. If more power is needed, the BVR can also be powered by a 9 Volt battery.

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FTDI Basic Breakout (5V)

Solarbotics FTDI Basic Breakout (5V: 34020)

The newest version of the FTDI Basic now uses a 6-pin SMD header allowing it to be smaller and more compact with the same functionality. This is a basic breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial IC. The pin-out matches Arduino and cloned 5V Arduino boards and can also be used for serial applications.

A really nice feature is that the DTR pin allows an Arduino to auto-reset when a new sketch is downloaded. Solarbotics designed this board to decrease the cost of Arduino development and increase ease of use.

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