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I'm Fired Up!

By Greg Harris

Can Business and Emotion Mix?

Greg's Corner I took a business writing class once. I don't remember much about the class other than writing for business was all about being boring. I think sometimes we misinterpret "boring" to mean "mature." Ultimately this class was trying to point out that good business writing requires minimal emotion in order to build more trust with the reader.

When a company exudes excitement does that say the company is immature and not to be trusted? After working in businesses for almost 30 years, I've come to the conclusion that boring businesses frequently win, but I've also learned enough about myself to know that I hate boring.

Years ago my first performance review said it all, "Greg needs to be less emotional in the office."

I was surprised to be discussing this in my performance review. I was counseled that if I wanted to succeed in business, I needed to demonstrate a level of maturity. I remember thinking that he could have suggested that I also grow a foot taller to further my career. I would have felt just as helpless to achieve that goal as well.

It's clear that most people who run companies are even-keeled with a steady temperament. These traits are probably the same traits that create trust and confidence in leaders. I wanted to be a leader, but I didn't want to be boring and I couldn't just turn off my emotions like a faucet.

Intellectually I knew what I should do, but at the same time, my business passion was hardwired into my creativity and drive, which I needed to be successful. There have been times over the course of my career when I've tried to tamp down my emotions, but I was never successful for long and hated every minute of trying.

Then I discovered Jameco.

I was surprised to see that passion was the norm at Jameco. We get excited! We laugh, yell, get frustrated and thankfully, enjoy what we do. The management team is less concerned about looking mature and more concerned with taking care of the business and being anything but boring. When a company shows passion, it seems to attract the same in customers. Certainly, no one can say Jameco customers are boring!

A while back we had this fun idea to create a comic book mailer packed with electronics projects. The goal was to inspire hobbyists to get new projects going. At the last minute, we decided to mail it to our business customers as well. We were stunned that the strongest response came from our "boring" business customers. They were excited about new projects!

Should we worry that our customers might perceive Jameco as anything less than a serious business partner? If serious means boring, we say "no." Together with our passionate, excitable customers, we'll do away with boring business communications and let our 38 years of experience speak to our maturity. The bottom line is we believe in passion and we get fired up.