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Jameco's Big Announcement

By Greg Harris

You Guy's Are Crooks!

Greg's Corner While I'm happy to report that Jameco's customer feedback is usually very positive, it's also quite common to get an email from customers accusing us of excessive greed when it comes to the price we charge for shipping. Most customers realize that our rates are very competitive, but frankly, the complaints about the price of shipping lightweight packages are justified.

For years I've tried to carefully respond to every one of these complaints explaining the challenges of shipping from Jameco's perspective. I always assure customers that Jameco was not getting rich on the rates charged for small orders (and in many cases Jameco was losing money).

The reason we haven't been able to have more flexibility with our freight rates is old outdated software. I'm excited to announce that we've just rolled out a new shipping platform that gives all customers more choices, more information and more control over their Jameco shipments. And in many cases, better prices.

I know that new software alone will not solve all the problems related to shipping costs, but this is a big step forward. Jameco's commitment to its customers is simple. Deliver great products and services at prices below our competitors. We try hard every day to deliver on this promise and now we think we can add shipping options to this commitment.

When a customer complains about the cost of shipping it usually goes something like this.

Dear Greg,

I just purchased $1.26 worth of your product and you had the nerve to charge me $7 to ship the product. That's outrageous.

Unhappy Customer

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. While $7 is a reasonable charge for a UPS package, it's probably not the best choice when sending a ultra light package. The new software platform allows us to access all the US Postal Service options we should have had all along. When the old software was originally installed, no one really considered the importance of shipping a 1-pound package. That was a mistake.

The second most common complaint relative to shipping is that historically Jameco has estimated the shipping cost as opposed to giving customers a firm commitment at the time of checkout. This has frustrated me as much as it has frustrated our customers and again it boiled down to software that wasn't capable of calculating the cost. That too has been resolved.

So whether you call us or order on-line, you'll now have a variety of new options. Many will simply choose to use the "lowest price" option, which will bring back the lowest price irrespective of the delivery time. If delivery time or control over the carrier is an important factor, then you'll have full control to select the right option using Ground Shipping or the Express Shipping menus.

I look forward to having a new most common complaint, but no matter what our customers complain about we'll use this feedback to help drive our roadmap for getting better.