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Arena PartsList BOM in the Cloud

Centralize and control your product data

Arena Logo Creating a parts list can be a time consuming, manual process. It involves spreadsheets, cutting and pasting large amounts of part information and multiple rounds of edits to fill in the documentation gaps. But what if this process was automated? Arena Solutions, a Bill of Materials (BOM) and change management provider, has recently developed an application that makes this dream a reality.

It's called PartsList, and it's a simple Web Application that automates part documentation, allowing you to build your PartsLists quickly and easily. Created especially for engineers, it's the fastest way to create and share clean, fully documented BOMs for only $9 per month. Turn any list of parts into a purchasable BOM for doc control, purchasing or potential vendors.

Offer Part List
Use PartsList to:
  • Complete documentation for an ECAD or spreadsheet BOM in one click
  • Comparison shop for critical components
  • Create a new bill of materials from reference designs or your existing BOMs
  • Quickly build a documented BOM from scratch
  • Create a new part request form with supplier information
  • Export your BOMs to CSV or PDX files
  • Create a shopping list of parts with a link to "Buy" each part
  • Keep track of where you found the parts youĂ­re evaluating for your design
* Regular PartsList pricing $9/month.