Introduction to Electronics

Building and Designing DIY Electronic Projects for Beginners

Whether teaching electronics to new enthusiast or expanding your own electronic skills, we have something for everyone. Jameco has electronic kits for adults of every skill level. We stock electronics for beginners as well as for intermediate and advanced skill levels, so it's easy to find the right electronic project.

If you have never soldered before you may want to chech out our Learn to Solder Guide on the basics of soldering.

Electronic Kits Levels

DIY Electronic Projects to Get You Started

We have kits for every skill level in a wide range of interests including alternative energy, audio and video, automation and LEDs and lighting. These are just a few of the various types of electronic and robot kits for adults to choose from.

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Tech Tips

Here are some handy tips for a beginner when getting started or some added knowledge for an advanced user that will make building a little easier.

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Electronic Fundamentals

We have taken some basic electronic components and created projects that teach you how the work by building simple electronic circuits.

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Circuit Notes

Handy guides to help you identify all the elements of a Raspberry Pi or Arduino or how to know the value of capacitor, resistor or LED.

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Additional Resources

These reference guides to help you understand and choose the best product for your project.

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Electronics Design

Prototyping Systems, Breadboards, Programmers, Enclosures

Pliers, Cutters, Power, Measurement, Chemicals, Safety Equipment

Infrared LEDs, LED Displays, High Power LEDs, 7-Segment LED or Strips

DC Direct, Gearhead,
Stepper, Vibrating, Servos, Motor Controllers