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Fun Light Switch Box Kit Over the last few years the Club Jameco community has grown by leaps and bounds working together to design some of the most amazing, fun and unique kits that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Club Jameco is where anyone can design electronic kits, sell electronic kits, teach and learn about electronics. is not only the site for cool, useful or just plain old whacky electronic kits, it is the home for our Forrest M. Mims III projects kits. Kits you can only find here, created from the pages of the famous Engineers Notebooks.

Check out the kits listed below and start designing one of your own!

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Solar Power Supply

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Water Level Control Kit Check out all the fun Club Jameco Kits and build one of your own!

Club Jameco Electronics Project Fun

Designer Kit Feature: 8x8x8 LED Cube Video Review
Designer Kit Feature: Robotic Hand
Build an Arduino Experimenter Kit
Build Your Own LED Light Painter
Convert your speaker into a mini Hi-Fi system

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Electronics Design

Prototyping Systems, Breadboards, Programmers, Enclosures

Pliers, Cutters, Power, Measurement, Chemicals, Safety Equipment

Infrared LEDs, LED Displays, High Power LEDs, 7-Segment LED or Strips

DC Direct, Gearhead,
Stepper, Vibrating, Servos, Motor Controllers