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What's more fun than building something with flashy LEDs? You'll find a variety of different LED kits in the Light Kits Zone that will make all your projects dazzle with light. Jameco also carries a large selection of LEDs, light strips and displays perfect for all of your electronic projects.

LED and Lighting Kits

Velleman LED Kits
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8x8x8 LED Cube Kits
Flashing LED Kits

Animated LED Smiley Kit

LEDs and LED Displays

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Rolling Message Graphic Display

LED and Lighting Project Ideas

Programmable LED QR Code
Booster Light for Hard Drive Activity LED
Emergency Light Project
Arduino LED Flasher Kit
Build an LED Color Organ
LED Light Painter
Build Your Own LED Flashlight

If there are other LED kits and accessories you are looking for and can't find, email us at [email protected].
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Jameco has the largest collection of electronic kits and electronics projects available anywhere. These fun-for-all-ages kits are created by independent electronics designers from around the world and by some of the industry's most popular manufacturers including Velleman, OWI-Robot, Parallax and Adafruit.