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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Parallax Inc. prides themselves in providing electronics enthusiasts quality electronic kits and electronic components. Jameco offers a variety of Parallax products from BASIC Stamp, microcontrollers, educational kits, development tools and accessories.

Parallax Kits

Parallax Educational Kits
Parallax Test and Measurement Kits
Parallax BASIC Stamp
Parallax Radio and Transmitter Kits and Accessories
Parallax Text to Speech Module
Boe-Bot Robot Kit-USB Version

Parallax Propeller Series

Propeller Kits
Propeller Boards
Propeller Controller

Parallax Arduino Products

Parallax Arduino Shields

Parallax Robotic Components

Robotic Components
Parallax Computer Products
Parallax Electromechanical Components
Parallax Microcontroller
Parallax LCD
Parallax Books and Reference Materials

Parallax Project Ideas

Build your own 30 Watt Solar Panel
Read about the Parallax Quadcopter's Year of Experimentation

If there are other Parallax kits and accessories you are looking for and can't find, email us at [email protected].
Electronics Design

Prototyping Systems, Breadboards, Programmers, Enclosures

Pliers, Cutters, Power, Measurement, Chemicals, Safety Equipment

Infrared LEDs, LED Displays, High Power LEDs, 7-Segment LED or Strips

DC Direct, Gearhead,
Stepper, Vibrating, Servos, Motor Controllers

Jameco has the largest collection of electronic kits and electronics projects available anywhere. These fun-for-all-ages kits are created by independent electronics designers from around the world and by some of the industry's most popular manufacturers including Velleman, OWI-Robot, Parallax and Adafruit.