Test your ingenuity with Jameco Challenges and Forrest Mims Puzzlers.

Calling All Students!

Share your electronic experiences and help others.
Calling all students
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Compose the Jameco Jingle

You don't have to be Mozart to compose the Jameco Jingle.
Electronic Component Art Challenge

Can you use electronic components to create a piece of art?
Electronic Component Art
What the Heck Is It?

What component used to look like this?
What is this?
Visual Challenge

Can you guess which one of these is not like the other?
Photo in Common
Burning the Midnight Oil

Burning the Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil
3D Printers Are Not Comsumer Products?

Do you think 3D printers will become household items someday?
3D Printer
What the Heck Is It?

Chances are, you've encountered one.
Water Bear
The Simplest of Challenges

Can you define the word "computer"?
Computer Challenge
Design Technology to MakeCalls at Home Plate

TV technology for baseball.
What the Heck Is It?

Perhaps you have loaned one to someone?
what the heck is this
Electronic Components Word Search

Checkout our latest IQ challenge, the Electronic Components Word Search by Ryan Winters.
Word Search
Circuit Symbol Quiz

Do you know what these electronic circuit symbols stand for?
Symbols Quiz
Male or Female?

Help a Jameco product manager sort out which end is which when he is puzzled by connector gender.
Do you know what these symbols stand for?

Click through to find out how smart you are.
Jameco Crossword Puzzle

Test your electronics IQ completing the Jameco Crossword Puzzle.
The Invention Challenge

Design a daylight laser pointer.
Invention Challenge
What Is This?

Do you know what this object is?
What is this?
The Mysterious Radio Adventure

Why won't this radio turn off?
Test Your IQ

What does a cat's whisker have to do with LED lighting history?
LED Lighting
Test Your IQ

What language does the term "robot" come from?
Test Your IQ

Which came first, the fax or the phone?
Fax Machine
Test Your IQ

What was the most important invention of the 20th century?
Working Transistor
Test Your IQ

What was the first technological breakthrough that increased the speed of travel?
Steam Engine
Test Your IQ

How much would your telephone bill have been in 1927?


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