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Jameco Electronics offers the most complete selection of mechanical robotics products - for beginners, experts, hobbyists, or special projects. Check out the Dagu Mini Robots Kit - a complete robot kit with everything required to build, program and control your robots. Or The Playful Puppy is an ideal kit for students & hobbyist with basic programming skills. In addition, our many controllers include the 8 channel RF remote control set, the infrared IR remote control, IR receivers, & much more.

Continuous Rotation Servo

Ideal for robotics and basic movement projects

2WD Magician Acrylic Chassis Kit

2WD Acrylic Chassis Kit
Magician Chassis with 2 gear motors and a rear caster

16-Channel PWM/Servo Driver

16-Channel PWM/Servo Driver
A piece of art with a lot of moving parts

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