Jameco Crossword Puzzle

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1. 60% tin, 40% lead
6. A human-like machine
7. Before digital
8. Unipolar/bipolar are motor types
13. Dual in-line package
14. Converts energy into linear motion
15. An electrically operated switch
17. Unit: Ohms (Ω)
20. Data sent sequentially
22. An audio signaling device
24. Turns electrical current on/off
25. Measures voltage, current, etc.
28. Converts energy to mechanical motion
29. Alkaline, silver oxide, lithium-ion
30. Diode is the simplest _____
32. Hook-up, stranded, bus-bar, jumper
35. Alternating current of a certain frequency
37. Easy IC insertion and extraction
39. Fundamental component
41. Data storage; volatile or non-volatile
44. RCA, CPC, Molex, XLR, D-Sub
46. Bi-directional, continuous rotation
47. Stimulus sends a resulting impulse
48. In PATA, what is P?
49. Conductors share the same axis


2. 1 and 0, or ON and OFF
3. P = IV. What is P?
4. Of the sun
5. Moves air
9. Write of C, C++, Java, Python, etc.
10. Single row male “_____”
11. Allows one direction current flow
12. Anode & cathode and it's bright
16. Components connected by wires
18. AKA reactor or coil
19. Circuit opens during excess current
21. Insulated surface for prototyping
23. Polar cylindrical capacitor
26. Step-up or step-down
27. Motor requires an electric controller
28. Converts sound into electrical signal
31. The first of a creation
33. To join together
34. Universal Serial Bus
36. A device for storing a charge
38. AKA electric eye, magic eye, LDR
40. An electro-acoustic device
42. Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor
43. A type of piezoelectric resonator
45. Real Time “______”

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This Jameco puzzler was designed by our own product manager, Ryan Winters. He is a Product Manager at Jameco Electronics and a Bay Area, California native. He is mostly self-taught and his hobbies include working on cars and computers, fiddling with electronic gadgets and experimenting with robotics.