Jameco Invention Challenge

Laser Pointer for Daylight

Reader Marshall Hankins, who with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology has studied microprocessor and controller applications, and whose professional career includes servicing pregnant pig checkers, asked us if we carry a product that we don't believe has been invented yet. In this day and age when the Internet makes mass collaboration possible, we thought we'd try out our own Jameco community to see if collectively we can invent something.

Here are highlights from Marshall's original email:

"I do stargazing and have found that a high power green laser pointer is an incredible help in pointing to objects for my colleagues to pick out in the night's sky. What I want is a similar pointer to use in bright daylight. Something like a black line pointer. Not a blacklight pointer, but a pointer that would look like someone drew a line, with a black Sharpie pen, from the pointer to the object. My thought is to create a tubular laser stream of non-visible light at a tuned diameter to ‘absorb’ or funnel visible light out of the stream of the laser energy. I know such a device would have useful applications and while simple in concept, I suspect it would be difficult to invent or produce."

Marshall sees lots of uses for this product. Maybe the real estate agent who wants to point out the property line or baseball manager trying to reposition his players in the outfield.

laser Pointer

While Marshall has accomplished the desired effect using a computer, he is looking for help from the Jameco community on how to go about designing such a product.

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