Jameco's Electronics Adventure

Jumpin' Electrons - I get so excited when I get my first whiff of sizzling solder! I have packed this adventure full of electronic projects perfect for everyone!

In the electronic adventures ahead, Jameco provides step-by-step instructions for every project. Follow the links for each exciting recipe and open the door to your next cool creation!

Jameco Adventure 1 Book
Cybug RobotCybug Scarab is a light-sensing robot that's capable of moving with its super sensory antennae!

Go RacerH2GO Hybrid Electric Hydrogen Vehicle is a real-working scale model version of laboratory vehicles.

FM RadioFM Radio Kit - learn about FM receivers and have a radical little radio when you're finished!

SnailThe Line Tracing Snail uses a super special LED sensor to follow any line you draw - how far will your line go?
MindStormsLEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 is back and better than ever - it takes building to the next level!
Boe BotBoe-Bot Robot is a reprogrammable robot kit. No previous robotics or programming experience required!

RadarParking Radar Kit will save you the agony of another dent! Using ultrasonic sound waves so you can steer clear.
SleighRiding Santa Sleigh and Reindeer LED Kit has over 100 multi-colored LEDs to cheer on any holiday season.
MessageScrolling Message Kit - have fun building your own moving message machine using 35-LEDs !

LED Sundial
Bulbdial Clock
functions like a sundial except it uses colored LEDs to cast a shadow instead of the sun.
Meggy Jr.
Meggy Jr.
is a handheld platform for developing your own pixel-scale video games.
RFID Security Light Kit
can add a high-tech spin to some of your daily tasks.

3-Pi Robot
3-Pi Robot
is at its heart an Arduino, making it open source and able to be programmed to do anything.
J-Bot 2
J-Bot 2
is a bigger and better J-Bot that can talk.
Kabuto Mushi
Kabuto Mushi
can move and pick up things with its claw.

Point of View
Point of View
will display one slice of a letter at a time, and your brain combines the slices allowing you to see the message.
Super Star
LED VU Meter
is something that tells you visually the volume level of a microphone.
The NIght Sky
Indoor Night Sky
is using a few electronic components and some common household materials.