FM Radio Electronic Kit

Description: FM Radio Kit
Skill Level: Easy
Required: Soldering

Do you like to jam out to your favorite songs on the radio? Do you like to be informed about the world around you? How about listening to your favorite celebrities on a talk show? Well, that can all be possible with this easy-to-assemble electronis project.

FM Radio Construction

(Note: For each step, carefully use a soldering iron to solder all necessary parts into place.)

1. Insert the long screw into the bottom hole under the speaker circle, and the shorter one in the hole over the speaker circle. Place a spacer on each screw on the other side of the motherboard. Then position the speaker. Next, place each clamp on the screw so it can hold the speaker in place. Tighten each with a nut.

Identification Places 2. Insert the resistors in their necessary places on the motherboard. (The gold strip on the resistor should be on the right side.)

R1, R2 – Red, Red, Black
R3, R4 – Brown, Black, Orange
R5, R6, R7 – Red, Red, Red
R8 – Grey, Red, Brown
R9 – Blue, Grey Orange

3. Insert the diode in the D1 place so the grey stripe on the diode is on the right side.
IC Socket
4. Take the yellow covers off of the wires of the choke, and insert the choke into the L1 place so the gold stripe is on the right side.

5. Insert the long IC socket into the IC1 place and the short IC socket into the IC2 place.

CAUTION: Make sure the gap of the IC socket as seen in the picture matches the half circle on the motherboard.

Insert the FM front end 6. Insert the capacitors into the necessary places on the motherboard.

Capacitor 151 – C4
Capacitor 221 – C5
Capacitor 223 – C6, C7
Capacitor 104 – C4
Capacitor 151 – C8, C9, C10, C11

7. Insert the voltage regulator into the VR1 place.

8. Insert the switch into the SW1 place.

9. Insert the red LED into the ON place with the shorter lead on the white stripe side of the ON place.

10. Insert the capacitive trimmer into the CV1 place. (Note: there are too many holes, so use the three that would fit the capacitive trimmer.)

11. Insert the DC jack into the SK2 place.

12. Insert the electrolytic capacitors into the C1, C2, C3, C12, and the C13 places with the longer lead into the holes where the + sign is.

13. Insert each red knob into a trimmer. Then insert the trimmers into the RV1 and RV2 places.

14. Insert the FM front end into the FM FRONT-END place.

15. Cut two 1.5-inch wires and attach them to the speaker knobs and to their specific places as shown in the picture.

Operation 16. Cut a 6-inch wire and insert it into the antenna hole so there is a little bit of the wire sticking out on the back side of the radio as shown in the picture for soldering.

FM Radio Operation

With the DC power plug inserted into the radio, turn on the switch and adjust the volume and frequency channels with the red knobs.

- Avoid holding the parts in place as you solder because they will get very hot.
- Failure to operate may be caused by incorrect soldering.