Horizon H2GO Fuel Cell Car

Horizon Fuel Cell Car
Description: H2GO Kit
Experience level: Easy
Time required: 20 minutes (allow your car 2.5 hours of charging before use)

A high-tech refuelable RC car that runs on sun and water. The H2GO is the result of 5 years of research and development in next generation energy technology. This battery-free toy car is a real working scale model version of laboratory vehicles running on renewable and zero emissions hydrogen fuel.

For you fun-time-go-getters who fight to save the earth one hybrid at a time, you can now do it with RC cars. This revolutionary idea that encompasses both solar power and electrolysis can now be yours. Amaze your friends, family, and fellow beatniks with the magical wonders of green technology. Watch yourself soar over the battery powered competition with the novel feature of a TURBO button! Amazing! Your car will fly. You will fly. Your dog will fly. Everyone will fly, figuratively speaking. Cream the competition with the very affordable H2GO and watch the losers cry as you leave them in the dust.*

(Crying is not guaranteed). Heads will turn, eyebrows will lift, and palms will become clammy with excitement when you roll into town with the Brand... New... H2GO!

*Effects of nausea and euphoria are only temporary and will subside with the passing of excitement over your new hydrogen vehicle. Passing of excitement is not guaranteed. Jameco and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies are not liable for the loss of friends or respect you may encounter through "play time" with this time vampire. Please be cognizant around animal stampedes, hurricanes, and Dick Cheney, for encounter with any of those may impede the performance or be harmful to the operation of the H2GO.

1. The instructions say in order to power your hydrogen vehicle you must charge it by the "Solar Power Plant". This can be easily done, for all you have to do is leave the solar panel in direct sunlight for, are you ready, 16 hours! The last time I checked, the Sun only makes an appearance once a day for an average of 12 hours. For people living on Earth, that translates to about 2 days of just charging the solar panel to charge the car. Unless your motive is slow-and-take-forever, I would recommend charging the vehicle and the remote control with the wall adapter. This won't nearly take as long.

Solar Power Plant 2. Screw the antenna into the controller and charge. The initial charge time is not specified, but generally, it should take a couple of hours. For every time after, just charge the controller for 30 seconds.

3. To use the turbo, which is a fun feature Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies added to the H2GO, switch the car to 'ON' and charge it once more for 30 seconds. Unplug and switch the car to 'OFF'.

4. Now it's time to get this puppy rolling. Carefully pour distilled water into the refueling station's water tank just so it covers the 'outlet hole'. The reason Horizon recommends distilled water over tap water is because tap water can carry chemicals or minerals that may be harmful to the powering of the car. Distilled water is pure H2O and only leaves hydrogen to power the vehicle.

Fueling Station 5. Charge the refueling station with either the solar panel or the wall adapter.

6. Switch the refueling station to the 'ON' position and press the 'restart' button. An LED will flash for about five minutes until 1 full tank of hydrogen is produced. Another way to tell if the tank is full is if the plunger stops rising. For best performance, wait to play for one minute after tank is full.

7. Check the water window. If there's water inside, go to step 15 to drain the water out, but if there is no water, proceed to the next step.

8. Press the purge valve on the side of the car to let any hydrogen trapped in the balloon out. Push the hydrogen input valve all the way in and rotate clockwise until it locks.

9. Press the plunger down to the marking on the gas window. This should be about half way. The refueling station will automatically refill as the plunger rises.

10. Press the purge valve until the balloon is empty.

11. Switch the car to 'OFF' and press the plunger all the way down to fill the car's fuel tank. Don't be shy with the balloon. It needs to be filled to full capacity, so push the plunger all the way down. Unplug when fully fueled.

12. If the car is unused for more than 1 hour, or you want to ensure optimal car performance, switch the car to 'WARM UP'. The LED will flash until all the hydrogen fuel is used. Switch the car to 'OFF' and return to step 6.

13. Switch the car to 'ON' and wait 3 seconds before playing. Ensure that the car antenna is straight and vertical. Control the car with the remote.

Purge Valve
Fuel The Reacer
H2GO Racer

14. Use the side triggers on the remote to move the car forwards or backwards and the toggle stick to steer. Press the turbo tighter with the forward button for extra speed.

15. To remove water from the water window, ensure that the tank is full. Open the rubber cap on the back of the station, and press down on the plunger all the way to drain the water out. Close the rubber cap firmly and wipe away the water.

The remote has a signal range up to 10 meters. Driving surface should be smooth, flat, clean, dry, and safe. It is recommended to limit play sessions to a maximum of 2 hours. If the control range is reduced, recharge the remote.


Unplug power after play and remove water from the unit. Clean all components with a soft dry cloth (not included). Store safely in a cool dry place. Do not stack.
This project was assembled by Ari Dubinsky. Ari is attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. Ari has teamed up with Jameco to accelerate his learning as well as to lend a helping hand to a major electronics distributor. His interests include shredding on the guitar, martial arts, and music production.