Guitar to AV Receiver Interface

Difficulty: Intermediate
Assembly Time: 2 hours

Guitar to AV Receiver Interfac This is a filter to allow a guitar to be plugged directly into you home stereo receiver. Now you can practice your skills on the fly without having to lug around a big amp.

Required tools and components:

Soldering Iron/Solder
Philips Screwdriver
Drill/Drill bits
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
Stereo RCA patch cable

(10) Transistor, 2N3904 (Q1)
(10) Resistor, 10kΩ (R1-R3)
(10) Resistor, 22Ω (R4)
(10) Capacitor, 10µF, 50V (C1-C3)
(1) Audio phone jack, 1/4", 2C (IN)
(1) RCA Jack, Red, panel mount (OUT+)
(1) RCA Jack, Black, panel mount (OUT-)
(1) AAA Battery holder
(1) ABS plastic enclosure
(1) Rocker switch, SPST (S1)
(2) AAA batteries
(1) PCB

Step 1 - Loading the Circuit Board

Install the components as shown below. Solder the pins and clip off the extra leads. R5 is not installed, it is a place holder in case someone wants to tweak the circuit.


Step 2 -The Enclosure

Drill holes for the 2 RCA connectors in one end of the box. Then drill the hole for the mono plug on the opposite end. Cut the opening for the switch in the center of one side. Drilling the four corners and then opening up the area with a Dremel tool work well. Be careful not to make the holes too big.


Step 3 - Wiring

Tape or glue the battery holder to the side opposite the switch. Cut the excess wire off and set it aside for the RCA connections (be sure to leave enough slack). Connect the wires to B1 +/-. Next connect the switch wires to S1, this time save the excess wire for the mono jack. The switch is simply meant to save your batteries during storage.

Now strip and solder the mono jack connections to IN +/- as shown. The RCA connections will attach to OUT +/- from the solder side of the board.
Wiring AWiring A
Wiring BWiring B
Wiring CWiring C

Step 4 - Putting it all together

Slide the board into the last slot. Rout the wires so they don't interfere with the mono jack. Screw on the lid. DONE!!! Now you can plug your guitar into your home stereo.

Complete Kit