From lessons learned by our customers during builds to step-by-step project instructions, this section will help inspire you.

The Raspberry Pi2 Model B Touchscreen Radio Project.

Jam away with this Raspberry Pi kit.
Raspberry Pi2 Model B
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DIY: Build Your Own Solar Lamp

A project that is functional and artistic.
Solar Lamp
Build Your Own Moving Ghost

Peek-a-BOO Ghost will Bring Life to Your Halloween.
DIY: Easy Laser Alarm Kit

Secure your house with a laser kit
Laser Alarm
Solar Power Supply

Fun in the sun just took on a whole new meaning.
Solar Power Supply
Redesigning a Classic: DIY Jameco Clock Kit

Favorite Clock Kit Revived
Clock Kit
LED Volume Tower

LEDs + music... does it get any better?
Volume Tower
Build Your Own Gesture Switch for LIFX Bulbs

Make a touchless gesture switch that you control by waving.
Gesture Switch
Ditch Your Keys! Try the Deadbolt Hack Kit

How to install keyless entry using your own deadbolt.
Deadbolt Hack Kit
Build Your Own RGB Infinity Mirror

A mesmerizing Arduino-controlled project that will catch everyone's eye!
RGB Infinity Mirror
Intel Galileo: Hello Python

Steps to set up your Galileo and access it remotely.
Intell Galileo
Convert Your Mini Maglite
to LED

A longer lasting flashlight in
two hours.
Electronics students
Redesigning and Resurrecting the Classic Jameco Clock Kit

Rebooting a Classic: Jameco Kit JE725KIT
Clock Kit
The Internet-Connected Candy Machine

Hack your own snack dispenser and control it from your phone.
Build the Triori Game

See how easily you can build the Triori Game.
Triori Game
Bicycle Turn Signal
Headlight Kit

Enhancements to a bicycle turn
signal headlight.
Bicycle Hack
Infrared Beacon for Robotics

Build an IR beacon for robotics.
Infrared Beacon for Robotics
Guitar Fuzz Pedal

Making your own fuzz pedal is a lot easier than it may sound.
Fuzz Pedal
Outdoor Motion Light

A practical project for home or
the workplace.
Motion Light
DIY LED Origami Flower Kit

Be brilliant; build this brilliant LED display as a great gift.
Led Origami Kit
Programmable LED QR Code

The new 8x8 LED matrix kit is where it all starts.
Led QR code
Build a Pololu 3pi Robot

Programmable platform is field tested tough and maze-solving amazing.
RFID Security Kit

Build your own versatile security device.
Programmable 4x4x4 LED Cube

Amazing 3D display with endless possibilities.
4x4x4 LED Cube
Build an Arduino Circuit on a Breadboard

All the functionality in less space for less money.
Arduino Board
LED Matrix Kit

Many have heeded the call of the mighty matrix–create your own
LED Matrix.
LED Matrix Build
Modern LED Menorah

Take this wax-free menorah
any where.
LEGO Mindstorm's Robogator

No one beats Lego in the cool robotics department and the Lego Robogator is no exception.
Riding Santa Sleigh Electronic Kit

Build your own holiday fun with
126 LEDs.
Riding Santa Sleigh Electronic Kit
Halloween LED Pumpkin Kit

Set the perfect spooky mood with this fun kit.
Halloween Pumpkin
Wacky One-Hour CoasterBot

Ready, set, fun! Bet you can't find a faster bot build.
Coaster Bot
Homemade Metal Detector Kit

Avoid disaster when drilling at home.

Metal Detector
Build a J-Bot Office Robot

A fun, four wheeled project for robotics beginners.

Build Your Own iPod/MP3 Mini Speaker System

Enjoy your music anywhere with this project.
Mini Speaker System
Salt Water Fuel Cell Car

Build your own alternative energy car.

Salt Water Fuel Cell Car
Wacky Electronic Noise Maker Thingy Instructions

This wacky noise maker is sure to make your ears tingle.
Wacky Noise Maker
Test Your Love Quotient

Join hands and watch the love
meter go.

Love Tester
Police Flasher

This is a fun project, but be forewarned, flashing lights on your car are illegal.
Police Flasher
Metronome Instructions

Build your own "time machine."
Making Sound with Piezo Speaker

Recreate audible feedback using a Piezo speaker.
Piezo Speaker
Introducing CHIPINO

An open source module based on Arduino.
The Bike Turn Signal

Light up the night and stay safe
in style.

Bike Signal
Altoids USB Charger

Try this quick little battery charger for your phone or iPod.
Altoids USB Charger
Give Your Flashlight an Upgrade

Learn how easy it is to convert a conventional flashlight into a long-life LED flashlight.
Solar Chimes

Who needs wind for the soothing sound of chimes?

Solar Chimes

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