Jameco Gets Deployed

Dear Jameco,

I am in the U.S. Army deployed in Afghanistan. Prior to each deployment, I stock up on various electronic components so that I can build things while I'm deployed. With parts purchased from Jameco, I have built audio/video transmitters and receivers for use in security applications, sensors that turn lights on at night and off during the day, voltage regulators for automotive uses and popular audio amplifiers that power a small speaker so soldiers can listen to their MP3 players while at fire bases.

I'm really impressed with the selection of components Jameco offers, the prompt service, affordable prices and the accuracy of the orders. I salute you. I've included some examples of the projects I've worked on with Jameco parts below.

Sergeant First Class
United States Army Special Operations Command

Dear Sergeant Mike,

Thanks for the letter and we salute you! We're glad to see that our Jameco customers are tinkering around the globe and that there is even room for an electronics hobbyist in Afghanistan. Keep up the good work and thank you for your service.

Best Wishes,

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Afghanistan Board 1

Afghanistan Amplifier These are photos of a 6-channel audio amplifier I made so soldiers can listen to their MP3 players while at fire bases. All parts, except the transformers and the cabinet, were from Jameco.

Afghanistan Voice Transmitter Here's a picture of a simple voice transmitter that can be used with a common FM radio. With a standard wire whip antenna, it can easily be picked up anywhere in the house or within 150 to 200 meters of the house. The schematic was obtained online from a search for simple FM transmitter. I make these mostly for kids to use as a sort of Mr. Microphone. I put them in a little plastic box and give them to kids for Christmas.

Afghanistan Timer This is a simple 8-minute timer circuit board that is used to activate a relay to keep the porch lights on for eight minutes after the motion detector is activated. Standard motion detectors have settings for 30 seconds up to two minutes. I wanted something a little longer. Similarly, I created a light-sensing relay. This relay will turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn. It can be used as a light control when you are away from home for the weekend.
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