My Story: How-To Solder

Video introduction to soldering equipment, terms and techniques

Video by Joey Hudy

Soldering is an essential skill for the electronics do-it-yourselfer. It can be a bit tricky at the start, but with practice it gets easier quickly. The good news is that there aren't many mistakes that can't be corrected, which by no big surprise is called "desoldering".

Learning and eventually mastering the skill is the gateway to endless creation and innovation in the world of DIY electronics. Our friend, Joey Hudy put together this informative video to help introduce you to soldering.


Materials and Tools List:
Soldering Iron
Prototype Board
Solder Station
Desolder Pump
Jumper Wire
solder kit

Learn to Solder Kit (Elenco AK-100)

To get you started you can test your iron on the Elenco Learn to Solder Kit. The kit includes everything you need to get hot right out of the box, resistors, potentiometer, capacitors, transistor, 555 timer, LEDs, PC board, solder wick, battery snap, speaker, wire, solder and a soldering iron. Whether just learning or tuning rusty skills, this kit will teach you how to solder on a state-of-the-art printed circuit board. All electronic components are supplied, including a 25-watt soldering iron and wire cutters. You will build a European siren with flashing lights and learn how the circuit works. Lesson manual included.

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Joey Hudy is a 15 year old, self taught inventor from Arizona who loves electronics, programming, Maker Fairs and has met the President of the United States. He loves spreading the word about making anything. He has given talks at school, city council meetings and science fairs. "Going to Maker Fairs has changed my life, it can change yours too!"