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What I did with my Raspberry Pi

By John Moorhead

Floppy Disk Controller

The drawing machine you've got to see!

A few years ago, my friend Cory Gano and I saw a V-Style DrawBot at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Cory said he wanted to buy it and I told him, "Don't buy that, we can build one ourselves". That began our journey to build our own and around three months later, we were showing our own "QuickDrawBot" at the Portland OMSI Mini-Maker Faire.

I decided that using the Raspberry PI Model B (and B+) would be the way to go. We built our own Motor Shield (Pi Plate) to control the stepper motors and either a servo or solenoid depending upon the model of the pen holder. The Raspberry Pi web app written in Java allows the images to be uploaded, rendered, and then drawn by our DrawBot.

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