Customer Profile: IITC Life Science

Have you ever met someone in the rat business? Meet industry leader Ingrid Vaynovsky, President and Owner of IITC Life Sciences and loyal Jameco customer. For the past 30 years this family-owned and operated company, located in Southern California, has specialized in the design and manufacturing of laboratory research equipment.

The equipment they provide is vital to the first stage of drug trials, commonly referred to as the pre-clinical stage. IITC supplies research scientists with equipment like rotorods, treadmills, blood pressure monitors and pain sensing equipment, used on laboratory rats and mice in an effort to test the effectiveness of new and breakthrough medications. The data collected in pre-clinical trials determines the viability of the specific medications in the treatment of diseases and conditions in us humans.

IITC was started by Ingrid's father, Barney, himself a trained electrical engineer. Today Ingrid, and her brother Greg, run the company with a lot of help from folks outside the family. Over the years, IITC equipment was used in pre-clinical testing for Tylenol plus a variety of other pharmaceutical companies. IITC instruments are also used at the Christopher Reeve Foundation, which is working to unlock the mysteries of spinal cord injury and paralysis.

IITC and Jameco were founded at about the same time in the mid-1970s. Both are family-run companies and currently managed by the second generation. Not surprisingly, the two family-owned companies espouse very similar values when it comes to customer service, quality, honesty and integrity. "We share many of the same business values, including an uncompromising dedication to quality and that personal touch that has been missing from corporate America for so long. It's one of the reasons why, when our clients call us, they get a real person and not an answering machine," said Ingrid.

"The components that Jameco has been able to provide are critical to our business and the testing equipment we manufacture," says Ingrid, "They are integral to our circuit boards and electronics."

So the next time you take medication, remember the importance of animals in discovering effective treatments. And think about IITC and its role in supporting the scientific community.

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