Electronics Meets the Zombie Puppets

By Danette Pratt

Fun Project Made with Socks

As a graphic artist by day, I've always looked for fun craft projects and when I could combine my love for crafts with my love for Sci-Fi B-Movies to make a present for my godson, I realized that I found a new calling. Who would have thought how popular cuddly zombie monkeys might be? This led me to start my own zombie sock puppet business that I affectionately call Seriously Sick Socks™. Come take a look at what goes bump in the night in my world.

Zombie Puppet Seriously Sick Socks™ are lovingly sewn together by hand. My characters come from my favorite monster movies or sometimes by a creepy character from a book.

I try to use recycled socks as often as I can locate them or when someone gives me a bag-o-socks after they have cleaned out their sock drawer! Sometimes I have to beg friends for mismatched socks. Other times I have to buy socks and when this happens I dye them to the colors I want. I like my socks to look grungy and dirty even though all the socks are squeaky clean. I love holey socks. People always feel bad when they give me holey socks, but those holes inspire a lot of creativity!

I make all the embellishments except for things like plastic bugs or plastic eyes for a TeriToma, Wednesday Addams or plastic babies for Cthulhu and Plague Rats to eat. And sometimes, I add eyes that light up! Vampires and monsters, OH MY! And zombies-ICK!

Most of the yarn I use is my own handspun natural colored yarn (thank you Icelandic sheep that live across the road) or store-bought yarn if it has the right gut coloring. Yarns and scraps are sometimes plied with other things to give it that just right entrails or wound look. I use some cool embroidery stitches on my Seriously Sick Socks™ like French knots, Bullion stitch — my absolute favorite stitch to create maggots on brains — and some braided and woven picot stitches for scaly or bumpy effects.

Eyeballs are felted by hand and are either embellished with a vintage button or embroidered, and best of all, they sometimes light up! My son, a custom auto/stereo installer and recent Engineering graduate, helps me with the circuits. Of course we use Jameco components as well as do our best to recycle used components that would otherwise be tossed.

Zombie Socks Tutorial: Here is a tutorial on how to gouge out my zombie sock monkey eyes and make them glow. It is a super simple hack even I can do.

Danette Pratt lives in Coolville, Ohio and is a biological illustrator graphic artist by day and makes zombie sock puppets come to life at night. As a fiber artist, she has designed and sewn dolls since she was a little girl and was inspired by her mother and grandmother, who were expert seamstresses.

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