Super Smooth Motions with AllMotion

If you've had the chance to observe the latest high-definition televisions (HDTVs), the first thing that pops out at you is probably the clarity of the picture. Keep watching and you will also notice the incredibly smooth motions of the picture. Sometimes the picture seems so smooth, it looks even better than real-life objects. But no need to fret, now there are products that can keep up with these smooth flowing motions – the new stepper controllers and drivers from AllMotion.

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Are you planning on building a robot but don't want it to move around like a robot? Well the AllMotion stepper controllers can make your robot flow around with ease. The EZ4AXIS stepper motor controller can provide 1/16th of a microstep and up to 59,000 microsteps per second. To shed some light on what this actually means, let's compare it to today's HDTVs. One of the highest refresh rates an HDTV has today is 600Hz* (frames per second). Theoretically, this translates to 600 frames in the picture for every second, which is why the pictures seem so smooth. With the EZ4AXIS stepper motor controller, we get 59,000 microsteps for every second! That's almost 100 times more steps than the smoothest television you've ever seen.

* I understand it isn't exactly 600Hz, but work with me.

600 frames/second << 59,000 microsteps/second = More free-flowing awesomeness!!

EZ4AXIS board
EZ4AXIS Stepper Controller and Driver

The EZ4AXIS can even function on its own without a connection to your PC. It is capable of executing a preset string of commands upon power up. All you need is a power source and your robot will be able to flow around without any cords!

What if space is limited and you want to place a small-sized controller on your homemade RC car? AllMotion has the Intelli-Inch Stepper Controller and Driver that is literally one square inch in size. All you need is a power source, a stepper motor and a PC, and even a beginner will be ready to move in less than 30 minutes. They're so small they can be placed almost anywhere on your project and they also have 1/16th microstep resolution for smooth motion. The Intelli-Inch also has two on-board potentiometers for precise adjustments to the speed and movement of the motor.

Intelli-Inch board
Intelli Inch Stepper Controller and Driver

As if the Intelli-Inch stepper controller didn't simplify things enough, there's also the Stepper-Stick bipolar stepper motor controller. It's the same form and size as a USB stick! It is capable of moving bipolar stepper motors of 0.5A current. It can even be preset with a string of commands, which can be executed through stand-alone operation. There's nothing easier than plug-and-play, and the AllMotion Stepper-Stick is as easy as it gets when it comes to controlling motors.

Stepper-Stick Bipolar board
Stepper-Stick Bipolar Stepper Controller and Driver

The AllMotion products have also been used in Hollywood during the filming of the movie Shooter. During the assassination scene, engineers needed an accurate controller for aiming the stand-alone guns, which would fire upon command.

In order to do this, they used the AllMotion line of motor controllers to control two screw drives, which would drive a common gear spur. The drives were then synchronized in a master/slave relationship to control the firing of the guns. This is a simple example of how something as easy to use as the AllMotion controllers meets the complicated world of Hollywood. It's also just one of the many possible applications you can perform while using these controllers. Although you might not be able to recreate a Hollywood action scene just yet, you can definitely get started with the AllMotion controllers.