Deluxe Electronics Kits Won't Leave You Stranded

Imagine finding yourself component stranded.... All that you need to get yourself out of this design mess is one little component…the one you don't have! You can't wait for next day delivery from Jameco and you are nowhere near an electronics store. You start to panic and then smack yourself... no spare?

You wake up screaming, realizing it was only a nightmare – a nightmare that can easily be avoided with either of the ValuePro Deluxe Electronics Kits. These kits are designed expressly to anticipate what you'll need in an electronics emergency. We call them your electronic survival kits.

Called into the field to perform an emergency fix? Presenting a project that you've been working on for months? Performing an electronics demonstration to an audience of hundreds? You never know when a component may fail. A few basic components may be all you need to complete an on the go fix.

Jameco's electronic survival kits are lightweight and easy to carry. They are refillable and customizable too. You'll never want to leave home without them.

Deluxe Electronic Kit

Deluxe Passive Electronics Kit 1 with 219 Pieces

Deluxe Electronic Kit

Deluxe Active Electronics Kit 2 with 109 Pieces

The passive electronics component kit contains 219 pieces of resistors, capacitors, breadboard, LEDs, hookup wire and a variety of other passive elements. They are neatly organized and separated in compartments within the case. The active electronics component kit is similarly organized and contains 109 pieces of relays, diodes, switches, logic chips and several other active elements.

You can rearrange and customize either of the Deluxe Electronic Kits to your liking or purchase the carrying case separately and design and fill your own custom kit. The case comes with a clear flip-top lid with 26 built-in compartments. There's also an additional eight interchangeable compartments below allowing room for larger tools. It is highly durable with a snap-lock for fast and simple closure.

Carrying Case

Deluxe Carrying Case with Moveable Dividers

The possibilities are endless. They are the perfect accessory for storing spare resistors, capacitors or other parts from old projects. Instead of leaving them out on the workbench or placing them in a tool box where they could be mixed, bent or left unidentifiable, use the kits to keep them organized and protected so they can easily and quickly be put to use.

If you are new to electronics or a seasoned veteran, you never know which components you'll need when you're away from the workbench. These kits will supply you with the basics for on the go tinkering. It is perfect for a journeyman called to fix things on the field, a student engineer, a hobbyist with limited storage space, or anyone stranded without that one little component.

Let us know what kind of custom kit you would build for any situation at [email protected].